UltraSafe Keeps Expanding its Community As Developers Continue To Deliver On The Roadmap

UltraSafe Keeps Expanding its Community As Developers Continue To Deliver On The Roadmap

By Edward Moon | Analysis From Moon | 11 Jun 2021

Standing out among the myriad of cryptocurrency and DeFi projects on the market today is never easy. UltraSafe notes significant growth among its community and exchange listing recently. As a community-driven yield protocol on Binance Smart Chain, the project’s emphasis on safety is turning a lot of heads. 

The Ongoing Growth of UltraSafe

With so much competition in the yield protocol space, UltraSafe successfully stands out among its peers for being the safest investment on the Binance Smart Chain. As the project checks milestone after milestone, its presence on the Binance Smart Chain becomes more outspoken, not only has the project achieved a $60 million market cap in less than 48 hours, but the community has expanded to over 5,000 token holders on the first day. Both of these feats are rather impressive for any project.

More importantly, it is commendable to see new projects acknowledge the importance of going through audits. For UltraSafe, the audits have been performed by Solidity and CertiK, lending endless credibility to the project. The popularity of smart contracts is tangible, yet it remains crucial to have the code vetted by independent peers. Two successful audits confirm that UltraSafe is as safe an investment as they claim.

Initially trading on Pancakeswap, the native ULTRA token will make its way to centralized exchanges shortly. Getting more exposure through CEXes is also part of the team's marketing strategy to make the token more accessible and achieve a fair distribution. With an active community on Telegram, Discord, and Twitter already, the overall interest in this project continues to grow by leaps and bounds. 

Successful Ongoing Development

Creating a new token through a smart contract is only the first step of achieving success. Offering a development roadmap and sticking to it is an aspect many teams struggle with. UltraSafe is not one of those projects; however, The team has successfully delivered the upgrades and features they announce on time, a rarity in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. Successful developments include:

  • Forming an LLC, to allow listings on large CEXs.
  • Launching a merch store.
  • Working on the Mariana Trench Ultra Max Vault for NFTs and dApps.
  • Obtaining a THIRD audit
  • Conception of the mysterious “Project Titanium Ice”

Interestingly, the team is building this roadmap according to the number of token holders that exist. More holders mean more milestones to focus on, creating an incentive for the community to keep growing if they want to see new features being developed. It is a different way of empowering community members, as their actions will directly influence the development of UltraSafe and its ecosystem.

Given the rate at which the community and number of token holders keep growing, it will be interesting to see what happens next. An eager and excited community can carry projects very far, as long as the developers succeed in keeping up with growth and demand. So far, the professional approach by the team has proven reliable, putting a lot of investors at ease.

Closing Thoughts

The demand for DeFi assets capable of providing yield farming while also being rug-proof is rising very quickly. After the many incidents involving disappearing liquidity among new tokens, developers need to commit for the long-term on day one. UltraSafe has locked liquidity and a renounced contract to ensure there can be no get-rich-quick shenanigans. Such countermeasures are essential in the expanding DeFi industry today.

With many more developments on the horizon for UltraSafe, there will be plenty of attention on the project and their constant strive to be the safest investment possible for their investors. The first NFTs are coming to UltraSafe in the future, and the team plans to announce various partnerships. There will also be an updated whitepaper and international influencer campaign, capable of expanding the community even further. There is a lot of pressure on the team to keep delivering, but they are taking this in their stride.

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