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Trade Fighter to Launch on the Binance Smart Chain in August 2021

By Edward Moon | Analysis From Moon | 31 Jul 2021

Trade Fighter, a gamified crypto price prediction ecosystem, is launching in August, as per a post on July 9.

Launching on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Based on their road map, Trade Fighter's concept was conceived in April 2021. During the same month, the team began building, keen on rolling out a product that rides on the blockchain and tagging high reliability. The dApp, which will go live on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), allows users to predict on crypto asset prices and win 97 percent of their gain if their market analysis is correct.

The Trade Fighter team is strategically launching on the BSC for several reasons. As a crypto price prediction ecosystem where participants can forecast price movements within short time frames, a big part will be settlement time and trading fees. Settlement time in crypto circles depends on block generation time. 

At the same time, on-chain transaction fees count. In recent days, transaction fees, or Gas, in leading blockchains like Ethereum have been heavily fluctuating as the network readjusts to the influx of demand. 

Although Ethereum remains popular and attracts the most developers, it is bogged down by scalability challenges which drive Gas fees higher. Considering the ideology behind Trade Fighter, that it is a low-entry window to the world of trading, it is essential  to leverage BSC's scalability and low trading fees.

Unlike Ethereum, the BSC is energy-efficient, scalable, interoperable with leading blockchains, including Ethereum, and has relatively low trading fees. For this, punters would, at any time, decide to place predictions on Trade Fighter without feeling the pinch of the high trading fees experienced in competing networks. This is suitable, especially for new traders who want to connect and win without paying high intermediary fees or submitting personal information to exchanges and other trading portals.

Trade Fighter Open for All Traders

According to Trade Fighter, the platform is for all traders who want to "have fun by simply predicting on blue-chip crypto-assets" or for the curious participants who want to understand more about trading and DeFi. From Trade Fighter's easy-to-use and gamified design interface, users would have a base through which they can build their knowledge on Crypro and DeFi and experience the freedom of decentralization. 

Trackers show that DeFi protocols in the BSC already manage over $26 billion, a market that is only expanding. There is an inherent volatility in this new asset class and that is how a Trade Fighter user can use their knowledge to make money regardless of market conditions - if it is a bull of a bear market people can play and earn.

TDF Coin Farming and NFTs

Trade Fighter's product is the first in DeFi. In addition, they have made it easy for users to participate. Users can easily connect and place predictions on crypto prices using MetaMask and other web-3 wallets compatible with the BSC. 

The protocol's native token, TDF, will be launched on Pancake Swap. Users will predict using BNB and winnings will be paid out in TDF.

Trade Fighter also plans to reward liquidity providers who supply to the TDF/BNB pair on TDFSWAP and Pancake Swap. All farming rewards will be in TDF. 

To incentivize holding, users with a given threshold amount of TDF coins will access Trade Fighter's NFTs, which will drop later this year and are being illustrated by the famed manga artist Chihiro Tamaki. The creators said this allows them to access airdrops and unlock more features on the platform.

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