The Best 5 White-Label Crypto Exchange Solutions 2021: A Concise List

The Best 5 White-Label Crypto Exchange Solutions 2021: A Concise List

By Edward Moon | Analysis From Moon | 7 Oct 2021

Peter Lynch said, “During the gold rush, most would-be miners lost money, but people who sold them picks, shovels, tents, and blue jeans made some profits.” This statement can be said again about the growing and booming industry. The crypto exchanges have become the pick and shovel sellers of the industry. Today, we have multiple crypto exchanges all trying to lead the market in one way or another.

Now, we have also come to know about white-label crypto exchange solutions that add to the growing list of crypto exchanges in the market. The crypto exchange market is a way to leverage the multi-billion-dollar crypto industry, especially when most of the crypto deals are done on these exchanges. In this article, we have done the work in analyzing the best 5 white-label crypto solutions available.

The Top 5 White-Label Crypto Exchanges

Unlike other exchanges, these white-label crypto software solutions are streamlined and quickly get the job done. Some require more work than others but some are extremely fast, and work out of the box experience. They are the best in terms of speed, cost-effectiveness, and simplicity. Here are the top 5 white-label crypto exchange solutions:



Devexperts is a unique white-label software solution built for the capital markets and traditional finance. The company has over a decade of experience in creating tailored and effective solutions for old school finance but have recently begun offering crypto services.

Devexperts team integrates a special set of components to ensure the solutions are eye-catching and lucrative for users. Also, all of its launched products are in compliance with existing laws and standards regarding the crypto space. It is a white-label crypto software solution that supports the trading of multiple asset classes. Devexperts helps to integrate compliance systems, market data, user-centric components like trading alerts, technical analysis tools, market news, economic calendars, and much more.



ChainUP is one of the many Chinese made solutions offering white-label crypto software. The company was founded in 2017, and it currently has mature product lines that include a white-label crypto exchange system (spot, margin, and futures), wallet system, aggregator liquidity system, broker, etc. Since its founding, ChainUP has provided blockchain-based services to clients across the world. This list includes crypto clients, wallet clients, over liquidity clients. ChainUP is currently the largest Chinese one-stop-shop for white-label crypto solutions.



HollaEx is a one a kind white-label crypto exchange solution for three major reasons. First, it is one of the few open-source software solutions which means anyone can access the source code from GitHub and use it without permission from any company. The interesting part is that it is completely free for developers. The second reason is that HollaEx is the fastest and easiest to launch among the numerous white-label crypto exchange solutions available in the market. The last reason is that you can customize and rebrand the platform yourself and won’t require a developer to do simple changes.

HollaEx undoubtedly deserves its mention among the top 5 white-label crypto exchange solutions out there. It is not just a white-label exchange; HollaEx is an open-source crypto kit that seamlessly connects your business to the blockchain ecosystem and allows for seamless coin creation, pricing, marketing and coin distribution.



AlphaPoint white-label crypto exchange solution boasts having the highest liquidity among the best 5 white-label crypto exchange solutions. It first launched in 2013, with a team that is well-experienced in traditional finances. It comes with a customized UI that provides traders with ultimate functionality and convenience. Alphapoint has made WebSocket and other API connection methods available for users. Also, business owners can easily integrate trade surveillance and report systems and is a leading provider for traditional financial services that can afford its high cost services.


ShiftMarkets is a New York-based white-label crypto software solution with over 50 crypto exchanges launched. Aside from being a white-label crypto exchange, ShiftMarkets also specializes in crypto licensing and ensuring companies are compliant with legal norms and standards in the industry. As a white-label exchange solution, the platform offers diverse front-and back-end features to implement; it also supports multiple blockchains to simplify deposits and withdrawals.


ShiftMarkets allows business owners to add both digital assets and fiat currencies on the platform at an extra cost depending on the requirements. There is also a matching engine with the responsibility of instant execution of bid and ask orders.


White-label crypto solutions allow anyone or business owner to be part of the multi-billion-dollar crypto exchange industry. The interesting part is that these crypto exchange solutions have already done the bulk of the complicated work. Although a number of these top 5 white-label crypto exchanges solutions have a lot of extra features, they are albeit complicated. However, simpler options like HollaEx are designed elegantly without the complexity and required coding experience that other solutions typically require. While featured out services like AlphaPoint or Devexperts cater to high paying traditional financial services but offer the extra bells and whistles that might be required. Out of all the services offered, the best software is the one you can try for yourself and in that regard open-source exchange solutions do provide a massive advantage there.

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Analysis From Moon

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