Supermodel Holly Sonders to Mint an NFT Collection of 10k Personal and Unique Pictures

Supermodel Holly Sonders to Mint an NFT Collection of 10k Personal and Unique Pictures

By Edward Moon | Analysis From Moon | 25 Nov 2021

Holly Sonders, the former FOX sports broadcaster-turned-supermodel, is joining the NFTs world. On November 23, 11 AM EST, she will be releasing a collection of 10k unique and personal pictures to her global fans, according to a recent press release.

The Holly Sonders NFT Mint Details

The social status of the supermodel and her various roles as an influencer make each of her pictures valuable. It is estimated that every NFT  could possibly fetch over $5k in the market. 

However, each of her unique, blockchain-embedded NFT pictures will be priced from 0.08 ETH during the release. Additionally, NFT holders will have unfettered access to the Holly NFT community. They will have private and direct AMA sessions with the superstar, view 100 of her 1k unreleased pictures, and much more. Another perk for NFT holders - Holly’s boyfriend, boxer Oscar De La Hoya, will take two lucky NFT holders to major fights in Vegas. They will be able to take pictures with the boxers.

Besides, one lucky holder would have a chance to physically join Holly and golf with her the whole day without worrying about expenses. 

Users interested in participating in the auction and acquiring some of Holly’s collections must first download and install MetaMask on their mobile or desktops. 

The web browser wallet is free and secure, allowing users to interact with the Ethereum blockchain. Afterward, they need to deposit ETH on MetaMask before participating. Purchases can be made on exchanges like Coinbase for first-timers without crypto using credit/debit cards.  

Still, it should be noted that due to the high Gas costs, a user should deposit more than 0.08 ETH. If not, the transaction wouldn’t settle and, in the process, the buyer would miss the opportunity to purchase a piece of the NFT collection. 

All minting will be on Once bought, there will be an automatic transfer to the buyer's MetaMask account, subsequently granting them direct access to the Holly NFT community.

NFT Holders can Make Even more Money as Collectors or Traders on OpenSea

Over the past few months, NFTs have risen in popularity. Unlike ordinary fungible tokens, these digital assets are usually rare and unique. 

Each piece exists independently and cannot be swapped like BTC or ETH, for instance. This is due to the digital asset's compliance with the defining ERC-721 standard useful in minting NFTs. Holly Sonders' NFTs comply with the standard and exist on the popular Ethereum public chain. 

Although users would have access to the Holly NFT community and even get a chance to golf with the supermodel, they have complete ownership of the image. Since they have been granted the imaging rights of Holly Sonders in each NFT, they can decide to flip it to media houses for thousands of dollars, capitalizing on the celebrity status of Sonders. 

At the same time, users can be a collector on external marketplaces such as OpenSea. 

Here, the uniqueness of each image coupled with the fixed supply of Holly Sonders may drive prices in ETH higher, allowing them to realize profits from the sale. 

The never-ending possibilities brought by NFTs allow users to enterprise while being confident that they aren't violating any Intellectual Property (IP) laws. 

Additional perks granted by NFT holding helps create a vibrant community beneficial to holders, strengthening the bond with Holly Sonders. However, the pulling down of barriers allowing personalities to interact with fans directly is attractive.

The Future is in NFTs

Holly Sonders is now one of the few women in NFTs looking to transfer her successful business acumen in the physical to the digital world with her collection as the link. 

The mint on November 23 will further demonstrate to the community that NFTs and blockchain, by extension, are open to all. 

Moreover, it will further demonstrate the capability of NFTs, especially in the world of entertainment where the technology eliminates the need for intermediaries while bringing celebrities closer to their fans.

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