Stepping Beyond the Boundaries of Conventional: Interview with CEO of Slavi DApp

By Edward Moon | Analysis From Moon | 20 Sep 2021

Despite the most optimistic prognosis, DeFi has not managed to make its way on the mainstream ground, nor become a part of essential life in 2021. The fragmented character of the space remains one of the critical unresolved issues - the variety of chains with enhanced features continues to pop up, disregarding the stockpile of existing systems that only continues piling up. Seeing the potential challenges to be confronted, many investors and technology enthusiasts turn their backs on doing business with blockchain, justifying it by the need for substantial enhancement to be yet made within the technological underline of space. This status quo has been continuing creating a gloomy atmosphere up until now; however, with the recent arrival of Slavi DApp, the DeFi ecosystem is set to make a gigantic step in the direction of a unified streamlined experience.

Taking the path least walked, Slavi DApp is committed to bringing forward the realisation of its ambition of becoming the first SuperDApp in the space, by the means of combining multiple fragmented pieces of the blockchain experience and putting them into one user-friendly app. With over 1,000 cryptocurrencies supported, Slavi DApp runs across more than 30 blockchains, not ignoring Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polkadot and other rising decentralized networks providing unparalleled advantages in terms of capabilities and execution. With the ambitious goal of making the DeFi experience as seamless as that of the internet, Slavi DApp constructs its core proposition around the Web3 browser - a gateway in the world of direct connectivity, where the third-party interaction no longer stands in the way of parties interested in performing their goals uninterruptedly.

Another notable feature of Slavi DApp is its native asset - SLV token, which can be used for liquidity mining and staking across the entire multitude of blockchains existing out there. The rewards reaped on the platform can go up to 200% APR. At the present moment, the project is undergoing a $2 million-worth investment round with the aim of unleashing the full potential of Slavi DApp. Resultantly, the unification of the ecosystem is going to bear fruit of efficiency in terms of time and cost savings, as well as increasing the reliability of the whole ecosystem for conducting business or other value-generating activities - which, in the near future, could challenge and even break down the dominance of the internet.


Nice to meet you. Could you say a couple of words about yourself - and the secret recipe of your success?

With pleasure! My name is Slavi Kutchoukov, I’m a serial entrepreneur with a successful track record in the real estate and fashion industries. As someone who grew up in Germany, I always strived to expand my business activities abroad and worked in the UK and UAE. I’d say, success in the business world depends on a multitude of factors - you have to be successful with your teammates, you have to be responsible and motivated to work at your best every day. Besides, you have to yourself embody the change you want to see in the world. Therefore, it is no less important to stay atop of the business trends, track the crucial changes, plan around them and gradually, let them become your everyday reality. This is our core idea behind Slavi DApp.

How disruptive is Slavi DApp compared to another platform in the space?

In contrast to the existing market propositions, Slavi DApp boasts of over 30 blockchains supported across the platform, with some of the prominent ones like Ethereum, Polkadot, Binance Smart Chain and Tron given special attention. Furthermore, the platform supports over 1,000 crypto assets, which, beyond doubt, stands above the boldest expectations even among the most capable platforms. 

What is your idea behind Super DApp?

Super DApp is the concept based on the Web3 browser; this is an emerging world in which companies and clients are connecting without resorting to the middleman. This concept is built fully around efficiency - the idea of making things faster, cheaper, with minimized effort and higher productivity. In a sense, Super DApp opens up a future where this is possible - specifically, in a DeFi context: the users no longer have to switch from one chain to the other, spending their precious time on technical matters that slow down everyone in the space. Super DApp is an answer to a question of efficiency - a shortcut, so to say; only now, this shortcut is available to everyone, not only to the selected few.

How did you manage to get funding for your highly ambitious project?

Needless to mention, the support and trust investors have given to us is invaluable. Lots of people out there believe in a better future with blockchain - and namely, the time when all the variety of separate and divided networks could interact through a single-click command. Through the investment rounds, we managed to secure the $1.5 million investment sourced from private funding; Now, we are participating in another round, with a purpose of garnering $2 million in order to give a solid start for Slavi DApp. We sincerely look forward to delivering on our promise, while making sure our investors are satisfied with the best returns on the market.

How much time and technical effort did it take to produce a single app integrating over 30 leading blockchains?

From our side, it was a significant step into the unknown. We hardly got any conception of how long, or how intensively, our engineers and product developers will have to work, but we were determined to apply the best of our effort to solve the existing problem. We also gave ourselves a clear account that if the app is successful, it’s going to change the course of development in the DeFi space probably forever. The combined effort eased off the task, and the high level of confidence of our people, combined with extreme competence in what they were doing, allowed us to produce almost a miracle in a relatively concise period of time. Although our path was not free of mistakes and errors, I’m pleased that at the end of the day, our efforts were crowned with a successful breakthrough in space. 

How is the liquidity pool experience optimized to multiple chains, as opposed to the single-platform stalking and yield generating?

I would say, it has all become so much easier and intuitive. You simply stake SLV, our native token on our platform, letting the rest of the reward-ripping across multiple chains be performed for you automatically. A single-platform tool opens the door to many corporate and private users, previously scared off by the bulkiness and the lack of efficiency by the available DeFi platforms. Now, it has all come to a stage where any DeFi token operation can be performed seamlessly and almost effortlessly, giving more precious time to focus on the actual purpose behind investing.

In which way is Slavi DApp connected to NFTs?

NFT is an emerging opportunity that has already gained a tangible footprint in the decentralized space. By making NFT a part of our core proposition, we aim to deliver the possibility to exchange NFTs as a part of our integrated experience, avoiding the need of switching over to a separate marketplace. Again, this is a part of our concept of the integrated market platform; Slavi DApp took care that all aspects accounted for and foreseen. 

What are the other features of Slavi DApp you can speak about?

Let’s not forget about automatic order execution - buy and sell options can be done within seconds, and our native algorithm also takes good care of providing clients with the best rates. For that reason, traders on the multichain platform will always find themselves on the winning side, compared to those using the ordinary trading platform. Slavi DApp gives the edge to those interested in generating stable returns and could provide a fantastic training ground to beginners - which, in the long term, contributes to building a space accommodating users with all levels of knowledge and experience. 

What role does SLV play in your platform?

SLV token is the lifeblood of Slavi DApp, so to say. This is one singular asset that can be used for a variety of purposes - be it staking or yield farming, SLV will always remain your first resort. Depending on the purpose, the token can always find use - and eliminating the need to exchange one asset for the other only strengthens its position within our ecosystem.

And the last question - what is your ambition for the future?

Our future goal is, above all, to make the blockchain experience open to all. The current problem of fragmentation often stands in the way of that goal; we want it to be drifted to the past, and finally, start a new chapter in the DeFi space. We are aware that it’s going to take time and effort, but through the best capability and our rigorous planning, we are going to become the first platform that achieves this goal on a blockchain-wide scale, internationally.


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