HeadHunter, a solution to the storage and display challenges NFT artists face

By Edward Moon | Analysis From Moon | 27 Apr 2021

HeadHunter is an exciting NFT project that aims to solve the persistent challenges of storage and display that collectors and artists face in the digital art marketplace. 

Having grown into one of the most exciting spaces in crypto, the non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace still faces crucial challenges on how to store and display the collectibles to the public. HeadHunter, a digital art project, aims to solve these pertinent issues by providing a hub world to collectors and artists in the NFT marketplace.

If you are an artist or avid art collector, surely you’d want to display your collections at an appropriate place that everyone can admire and appreciate the piece – whether it’s fine art, antique artifacts, trading cards, etc. It is a standard ritual for artists and collectors to have a place to store and display the memorabilia. 

This simple and personal part regarding the display and storage process, however, has been neglected in the NFT world. Most collectors buy expensive pieces of digital art, video clips, music, and trading cards but have nowhere to showcase or store them safely. This has slowed down the NFT craze, which hit fever-pitch earlier in the year, with investors searching for solutions and projects to display their collections. 

HeadHunter, a digital art project launched in 2020, provides a solution to these storage and display deficiencies via its devised islands/parcels and trophy rooms. These virtual rooms allow collectors and artists to display and/or sell their digital art pieces on the open marketplace.

The project aims to change how the NFT ecosystem works, by “creating a tangible and intuitive NFT marketplace for collectors and artists alike,” a blog on their website reads.

The project is a collection of Heads – digital art collectibles hand-drawn by RektMeRev, a renowned NFT artist who created the DontBuyMeme art collection. It consists of a total of 666 Heads (or HeadHunter NFTs), which offers collectors a key to their own private island/parcel with a virtual trophy room to store and display their art. 

Additionally, the Heads can be traded on an interactive NFT marketplace under the “Barter and Partial Barter” principle – you can “trade A for B” or “trade A and B for C” – and also allow the holders to participate in protocol governance, which is new to the NFT world. 

The HeadHunter trophy rooms

At its core, HH aims to provide a new way to store and display NFTs – two essential services that have lacked in the NFT space. To solve these challenges, HeadHunter devised customizable trophy rooms and a marketplace interconnected through a central hub world. 


HeadHunter provides collectors and artists with a virtual trophy room to showcase their art. (Image: HH)

The trophy room allows collectors to set up their art in any order and arrangement they see fit. The Heads are the keys to islands/parcels (mentioned above) containing the trophy rooms.  So in total, there will be 666 islands – each containing the trophy rooms.

HeadHunter NFT holders will receive a determined amount of space on the islands, where they create trophy rooms to store and display their HH NFTs. This enables collectors and artists to “travel” between galleries and view the displays of their colleagues. 


You can rent out space in your trophy room to third-party artists and collectors (Image: HH)

Moreover, the trophy room space can be rented out to third-party NFTs for a consignment fee with the HH NFT holders receiving a portion of the revenue generated across the platform. Heads holders will receive an aggregate of 25% of the total revenue generated on HeadHunter – the marketplace fees and additional profit generated from selling NFTs on secondary marketplaces such as OpenSea. 

Finally, the Heads holders can participate in the governance of the protocol by voting for updated functionality of the marketplace, secondary sales percentages, and various other fee structures that affect their share of the revenue. 

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