Earn a 7% interest with a EURO stable coin and access DeFi through EURxb.finance

Earn a 7% interest with a EURO stable coin and access DeFi through EURxb.finance

By Edward Moon | Analysis From Moon | 2 Mar 2021

In the cryptocurrency industry, there is a growing shortage of stablecoins pegged to the Euro. With the help of EURxb, that situation will change for the better. The fact that users earn 7% interest by holding it in their wallets makes it more appealing than traditional tools on the market.

Very Few EUR-Based Stablecoins

Looking at the current cryptocurrency landscape, it is evident that stablecoins are gaining even more traction. As a digital version of fiat currency, these assets offer tremendous potential for entering and exiting cryptocurrency positions. However, most stablecoins are pegged to the US Dollar rather than other fiat currencies.

For example, when it comes to the Euro, only a few options exist on the market today. Assets such as STATIS EURO (EURS), sEUR, and eToro Euro (EURX) are all accessible, but have not been able to match the uptake of their much larger USD-based alternates.  Newer stablecoins (including the aforementioned EUR-pegged ones) have not yet been able to offer a great enough differentiator to draw away supporters from the first mover giants in this industry.  A missed opportunity, as there is much more one can achieve when re-imagining pegged currency coins.

To take this industry to a whole new level, the EURXb.finance team introduces the world's largest Euro-based stablecoin. Rather than focusing on just buying cryptocurrencies, this asset has other exciting benefits to explore. Bringing the earning potential of decentralized financial solutions to the mainstream requires access to more financial instruments. With a robust ecosystem that tokenized specific registered and regulated green bonds, the team will explore new options to connect these markets.

Bridging Rather Than Replacing

For years, the main appeal of cryptocurrencies is how they will eventually disrupt traditional finance. Many enthusiasts expect Bitcoin to become the new global reserve currency, even though that may not happen anytime soon. By creating the first open platform to bridge between registered, regulated securities and Ethereum DeFi, the EURxb.finance protocol changes the narrative altogether.

Through this new approach, institutional investors can use their registered investments as a bridge into decentralized finance. In doing so, they also unlock unique benefits for the decentralised community, including a fixed 7% annual yield on the new EURxb stablecoin and greater transparency of stablecoin reserves. This is enhanced by the ability for both institutional investors and the decentralised community to purchase decentralized finance instruments and vehicles with the EURxb via supported pools and platforms. 

Giving institutional investors a way of engaging with DeFi creates a more inclusive ecosystem. Investors in the supported securities can now put their ISIN-registered vehicles to good use thanks to tokenisation.

EURXb.finance takes the standard 75% debt to asset over-collateralization management principle and tokenizes it to create a parallel of the bond on Ethereum. The tokenization of underlying assets through the ERC-721 standard ensures everyone can track the details of every token, and EURxb.finance’s protocol locks these tokens in smart contracts to create Eurxb Bond Tokens (EBND). 

How Does It Work?

The EURxb ERC20 token is issued on the Ethereum blockchain and accrues real-time interest by keeping it in one's wallet. Per year, hodlers can expect a return of 7%, which is far beyond traditional cheque or savings account options today - which is what a stablecoin could compare to.  Every EURxb is collateralized by green bonds, which will adhere to the ISIN Registered Secured Bond standard which means every Bond NFT is overcollateralized by 133% in tokenized real-world assets as security. 

To ensure the flat 7% annual yield, EURxb.finance relies on Euro-denominated Secured Green Bonds issued by Miris AS. Every bond provides a fixed yearly yield of 7%, which translates to the same EURxb tokens ratio. 

To ensure decentralised control, an XBE governance token will be split to market makers across Uniswap and Balancer during the launch event. With 4 pools accessible to market makers during the first seven days of launching, every pool will represent an equal share of 3,000 XBE. Users will be rewarded based on their share per pool. Within days of launch the project already reported $2.7 million in liquidity across the launch pools, confirming initial interest from the market. 

These 12,000 tokens (of the 15,000 total tokens issued - 3,000 being locked up for the community to use as treasury and further the project) are distributed to the community through the liquidity event to use as they see fit. Holders of XBE can manage and govern the EURxb protocol. Furthermore, token holders will decide how the planned Vault fees are allocated. Unlike speculative governance tokens, the team behind the launch have stated XBE will have no value. 

Closing Thoughts

It is evident that the appeal of DeFi in its current shape mainly caters to existing cryptocurrency users and enthusiasts. Attracting traditional investors will require institutional-oriented solutions. EURxb.finance provides exactly that: it lowers the entry barriers by using regulated portals and conventional assets.  There is no reason for DeFi and traditional securities not to co-exist.

By leveraging the best of both worlds, the team can establish a bridge between finance and DeFi. More importantly, this approach has a broader international appeal due to its Euro-based process. Combined with the 7% annual yield, securities investors have multiple reasons to diversify their portfolios even further.

Edward Moon
Edward Moon

Crypto trader and analyst.

Analysis From Moon
Analysis From Moon

Analysis From Moon

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