Earn BTC and ETH playing Coin Hunt World!

By anakura | Anakura's Horizon | 8 Apr 2021

Think Pokemon Go but with Cryptocurrencies and trivia instead of Pokemon! Crypto you earn is deposited into your Uphold account every Tuesday, similar to how Brave Rewards works.


You open these vaults with the right color keys. There are many ways to get keys. They spawn around the map, drop as rewards from vaults. You also get one free green key per day after setting up your HQ (headquarters). You'll need one green key to set up your HQ, which can be forged from 10 blue keys at an empty key booth.

It's a lot of fun, and there are tons to explore. The game is still in Beta, come be a part of its creation! 

https://coinhunt.gsc.im/vb2W2bHBl3 (This is a referral link. By using it, both of us receive two free green prize boxes when you create your HQ. )

*Make sure to create an account after downloading the game*

*Currently Coin Hunt World is only available on Android and iOS for users in USA and Canada*

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