Free money! Passive income for little effort

I've recently been using a multicoin faucet -


It's very simple and easy to use and unlike the many others out there requires little effort or time - nobody will make a living from any faucet in all honesty.

What's innovative is the fact that they use a coins system (rewards for completing activities). These coins are converted to your chosen currency upon withdrawal at a conversion rate which can change as the price of the cryptos do. They have numerous currencies with no minimum withdrawal and pay directly to your own wallet as opposed to (I prefer not to use this microwallet because of the minimum withdrawals and possibility of scam sites)

The list of coins is Btc, Bch, Bsv, Bittorrent, Dash, Digbyte, Doge, Eth, Eth classic, Komodo, Litecoin, Piratecash, Pivx, Reddcoin, Ravencoin, Syscoin, Tron, Verge, Zcash & Horizon


The site has a fun element as you gain experience as well as coins for completing the tasks and occasionally receive dropped items both common and rare that when consumed boost coins or exp, reduce countdown timers or increase % of dropped items. You can also complete achievements that reward additional coins or experience - these vary from daily or weekly tasks such as completing PTC's or shortlinks to leveling up.


(12 PTC ads and 25 shortlinks and a 30 min faucet reward timer and a daily claim). The coin rewards vary from 45-15 coins and you can complete them all in just over an hour - just log in the same time each day and find they have all refreshed, saving you time to go about your day. 

I've had numerous withdrawals which are safely tucked up in my ledger, as stated it's no small fortune but is literally money for little effort and tried and tested. 

It's the only faucet I use for ease and simplicity, I have received the payouts so I recommend it 100%.

Check out my refferal link - 



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Crypto enthusiast

An inexperienced crypto enthusiast
An inexperienced crypto enthusiast

relatively inexperienced in the crypto world but hungry for knowledge and appreciate constructive criticism. I've had at my prime a total of 0.97 btc which I mined my self. I have also participated in a few Defi projects and have minority shares in a number of different cryptos.

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