Big tech spies

Social media the ultimate propaganda machine

Everything is misinformation or fact checked, if it doesn't fit in with big tech agendas it's not being viewed by the masses.

Even the word "profile" suggests we are all suveilanced, you allow facebook, twitter, google and others to have access to your sent/received messages, contacts, cameras and microphones.

There is a firm called In-Q-Tel - they represent themselves as a venture capitalist firm working with the CIA and their mission is to identify, adapt and deliver innovative technology solutions that support the missions of the CIA.


It's interesting to know that Keyhole EarthViewer aquired by the firm in 2004 was later sold to a well known company and became Google Earth - the technology became the basis for Google Earth and all of their mapping applications.

There's no evidence that In-Q-Tel funded facebook in its early days but considering their hunger for data, data and more data. It's not farfetched that they would be turned on by the sort of personal details facebook holds. 

Some of the firms In-Q-Tel has invested in -

Considering facebook, twitter, youtube and Google have all pledged to combat misinformation (election fraud claims, plandemic accusations, censoring pro trump)

At least trump had the cojones to call it what it is


He was going to scrap section 230 and make big tech acountable for its publishers content - they didn't like that so they collaborated to oust him... after all where was the fact check when Russiagate was going on? And that turned out to be a smear campaign led by Clinton, FBI and the CIA - if it doesn't suit their agenda then you shall not view.


Clinton, FBI and CIA smear campaign

I myself deleted my Facebook "profile" I think everyone should put some distance between themselves and social media or one day we shall all regret it.

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An inexperienced crypto enthusiast

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