A new player in the crypto market. Arctic Wallet - an easy way to get acquainted with cryptocurrency

A new player in the crypto market. Arctic Wallet - an easy way to get acquainted with cryptocurrency

By Amy Day | Amy's_blog | 7 Sep 2022

Meet Arctic: a non-custodial crypto wallet that does not collect or share user data. The project was created and developed by professionals with more than 10 years of experience in the field of cryptocurrency. When designing the wallet, the Arctic team meant to address the issues users face on a regular basis, as well as in the near future to make it a guiding resource for newcomers to the exciting world of crypto. To make it happen, the design is guided by three principles:

  • All work with cryptographic algorithms and handling of sensitive data happens in a secure process. 
  • The intended experience is all about data security and anonymity of users, as well as fast and secure transactions. 
  • Feedback from project users is crucial when making changes to the wallet functionality. 

Arctic aims to provide people with an easy way to get into crypto by giving them familiar tools and features to navigate this exciting world of digital currencies. Arctic will come in two applications for users to choose from. 

The full version of the desktop application can be downloaded right now from the project's website, and the mobile application will be available soon. Community will be able to participate in the development of the mobile wallet app, further aligning our vision of Arctic with customers’ demand. With both versions it will be possible to carry out transactions anywhere and at any time. At the time of the official launch of the project, the wallet will support over 100 of the most popular cryptocurrencies and tokens, and their number will increase every week.

“Just like that, we believe Arctic Wallet will cover all the needs for both advanced users and beginners.” - said the wallet’s team

The Arctic team dedicated a lot of time to study both the industry standards and innovations, to combine them in the product. The project roadmap includes such experience-enhancing features as:

  • Staking;
  • NFT storage;
  • DEX integrations;
  • Hardware wallet integrations;
  • Pro version for advanced crypto enthusiasts; 
  • Web extension;
  • Multi-addresses and multi-accounts.

Got your interest? Please get in touch with Arctic for any questions:


Email: [email protected]

You can get Arctic on the official website: https://arcticwallet.io/  

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