Bitcash is the new Cash — Live on Amsterdex!

Bitcash is the new Cash — Live on Amsterdex!

By | Amsterdex | 25 Mar 2019


We are excited to have the Bitcash Project onboard as they are dedicated to crypto mass adoption!

From now you can trade BitCash — $BITC on Amsterdex.

Can you give us a global word about the project?

BitCash combines the power of blockchain with the features of banking to create the world’s most useable cryptocurrency.

Importantly, we wanted to create world-leading user experiences. Most cryptocurrencies today are tough to use, especially if you’re new to the market. Long cryptic addresses, ugly UI, a plethora of competing and confusing wallets. We wanted you to be able to send BitCash to people even without a wallet. If that’s not putting users’ needs first then I don’t know what is.

If we want mass adoption, not only must we make cryptocurrency easy to use, but also make it desirable. We must make people fall in love with cryptocurrency, and want to use it for everything from paying their bills to buying their morning coffee. In short, cryptocurrency, and the ecosystem in which it operates, has to be better than the existing fiat system.

By winning over consumers and businesses with familiar banking tools and blockchain benefits (cheaper, faster, and more secure payments, for example), BitCash aims to replace day-to-day fiat transaction volume with BitCash.

What are Bitcash Main features?

Send BitCash to anyone on Social Media Instantly.


The community’s goal with BitCash (as we’ve communicated consistently) is mass adoption and ease of use. We feel that this takes BitCash a step further in making it seamless for anyone to send and receive cryptocurrency in seconds.

Want to tip your favorite Twitter celebrity? Maybe accept payment for a retweet to your followers, or even run a competition on Twitter. The potential is only limited by your creativity and we’re excited to see what the community does with this new feature.

From now you can also use Bitcash on other social media platforms (Twitch, Instagram etc) making BitCash the world’s first cryptocurrency with a stable currency and social media integration.

Bitcash has so many other unique features including nicknames for addresses, integrated stable feature, verify before sending, description lines,…


What is the next important release?


The release of the Stable Feature will be our next main achievement. 
 BitCash Stable addresses the problem of price volatility when sending money to a third party, paying retailers, or storing value. BitCash Stable secures the value of BitCash for the short, medium, and long term, making it easier to integrate into the financial system.

If, for example, you pay someone in BitCash (or any cryptocurrency for that matter), they must accept the risk that its value might fall before they can convert it to local currency. Few people would accept such risk, even if it was faster, cheaper, and safer than PayPal or wire transfer.

The same applies to online retailers. When accepting BitCash, they must immediately convert it or risk it losing value. Instant conversion might not be a problem for one-off transactions, but when it reaches ten, twenty, a hundred, or more, it becomes very time-consuming, costly, and risky.

You want to maintain the value of your long-term cryptocurrency holdings, too. In the physical world, investors usually turn to gold as a secure store of value, but in the cryptocurrency world, there really isn’t a reliable stable cryptocurrency that doesn’t rely on third parties.

With the new BitCash stable feature, there are now two currencies stored on the blockchain, BitCash and the BitCash Dollar. There are also two currency accounts in the wallet.


BitCash is pleased that Amsterdex has decided to list BitCash on its exchange! -A little talk with TheLastDon, Co-founder of Bitcash.

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In order to celebrate this interview, we have a surprise soon for Amsterdex users!
Do not waste time and be ready
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Amsterdex is a fast, safe and trustworthy cryptocurrency trading platform located in The Netherlands. Built up from the ground. This gives us total freedom in our developmental and software implementation options.


Amsterex is a fast, safe and trustworthy cryptocurrency trading platform located in The Netherlands. Built up from the ground. This gives us total freedom in our developmental and software implementation options.

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