The Subtle Art of Being

By LeiaMuadDib | Among the Wildflowers | 30 Nov 2021

To be among the wildflowers

To drink of the stream

To listen

To learn

The subtle meaning 

Of being


To live between mountain stone

To twine life teeming

To feel

Too fast

The hard truth

Of being


The purpose unclear 

To thrive on dewey tears

To laugh

To love

This queer state

Of being.


How do you feel about wildflowers? Some of them hurt. Some stink. Some are more beautiful than a full moon on a clear night. Please leave a comment about your thoughts, I’m a huge nature lover. Leave a tip too if you liked my little poem.

- Leia Muad’Dib

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Among the Wildflowers
Among the Wildflowers

Sometimes, you just have to reflect on the little things in life.

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