Futurama or The Simpsons?

By Amir King | AmirKing | 25 Jan 2020

Which cartoon do you prefer, Futurama or The Simpsons? I like both, but I think i prefer The Simpsons.

I prefer the older Simpson cartoons, as I think they have a better story line, and more classic comedy in them. The stories are more relevant and not so far fetched. Homer Simpsons stupidity is always hilarious and he has some great one liners, like d'oh! I liked it when in one episode Homer asked Bart to put his hand under the lawnmower to find out why it stopped, and just before he did, it restarted! Lisa, the brainy one, plays great saxophone and has a lovable personality. I did like the newer cartoons where Green Day and Lady Gaga make an appearance. The movie was good.

Futurama is good, but I haven't seen as many and could not get into it in the same way. However the imagination is great and I like the robots personality. There is a good chemistry between the characters.

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Amir King
Amir King

I like puzzles and games


Hello everyone on Publish0x!! My name is Amir, and I have just been approved to be an author. Ill tell you a bit about myself. I live on the south coast of the UK, and I love puzzles and games!! I have studied architectural Technology and have a BA in it. I have worked for various shops and a care home. I love music and like it when i find bands I've never heard of from the 80's. For example, I like Level 42. Unusual puzzles I like include hitori, slitherlink, masyu, nurikabe and skyscrapers.

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