By AmineU | AmineU_GP | 23 Jan 2021

Upland new San Francisco competition

Upland has been the quiet virtual property game gradually picking up momentum. And now is setting the stage to roll out massive features in 2021. Here's a start.
Last week we saw the end of the first of many Building Competitions, with neighbourhood Panhandle taking first place. Merced Manor and Dogpatch taking 2nd and 3rd respectively.
This challenge created to setup ranking system for neighbourhoods.

Here is the Panhandles Neighbourhood Statue

Panhandle Spud Statue Upland

Fresno's first build competition


We thought the dust was going to settle, Upland had different plans, we enter into another set of competitions. The NEW start date is Tuesday Jan 26/21 8am  in Fresno. Fresno's first competition. 

The difference from the Sandbox Neighbourhood Wars - no neighbourhoods.
The players are building the most they can within the timeline allocated. A 3-day event. Every player starting off with the same amount of spud (the necessary token to execute a build).
The cell towers that took away points in the first competition no longer exists, this time it is Llama statues that double the points of other players’ buildings with 30 meter radius - not your own.

The timespan to complete the build of a structure build has been adjusted for these new mechanics.
How well, participating players support and collaborate in this competition will be key.

Prizes for the top 10 winners.
1st place receives 50k UPX and a surprise Fresno collection property

Next Friday Jan 26/21, will be in San Francisco.  Similar to the Détente competition with two exceptions.

1) Two separate tiers. Executive and Directors = tier 1,

Pros and Uplanders = tier 2.

2) Players will be allowed to speed up their construction by spending UPX. The amount will be fixed and the UPX redistributed into the prize pool for the winners.

As you can see a lot is starting to happen in LLAMAVERSE, and much more on the horizon.

Follow my Facebook link - @AmineU_GP1 for more details 

Here’s a link to additional UPX you can use for your first land purchase.
Already signed up - let me know your Block Explorer name and I hope to see you at a virtual construction site!! LOL


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