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Alien Worlds - R Planet

Alien Worlds continues to deliver, by now if you have been following NFT market, Wax in particular you likely already heard about this game. 
In their latest update released about two weeks ago they provided a way for players to power up their NFTs all except land, weapons and fighters at cost of in game mining token Trilium per shining stage. To shine up you need 4 cards of same rarity and type. EX: 4 Power Saws, at the same level - stone and rarity - common will shine to 1 Gold. To shine to the next level Stardust, will require 4 gold common Power Saws and so one. 

Alien Worlds

Note: The highest shine level is antimatter and not all rarities are capable of shining that high.
This feature solves two solutions, 1) creating scarcity, because as any NFT collector will know the less supply (along with relevance – demand) the higher possible value. Therefore, burning NFTs and reducing their supply creates this dynamic.
2) Second creating deflationary/scarcity with game currency Trilium TLM, as mentioned above each shine progression comes with a cost. See chart below. Over time Trilium will also become scarce. Win Win
One can image the likely ripple effect this has created as players looking to shine up are eagerly searching for items BEFORE they become hard to find and limited – resulting, in some cases to prices rising.
Of course, you don’t need to shine everything or it will be a challenge to do so. Best to be selective and enjoy the hunt for items.

Alien Worlds


R Planet

Let’s say you have a few extra NFTs not doing much in Wax wallet. You can sell them or. How about staking them to create a new token used as the ingredient for a new game?
This is the idea behind R Planet. They utilize NFTs that have submitted an application and based on their own metric assign game token value to each NFT. Staking can be claimed every hour, the ratios vary and at time adjusted to meet new demands.
Staking and Un-staking is relatively instant, with no long wait times (as per this writing). 
And with their new game feature being released in over week (see link) this will definitely bring more attention to this platform.
And I must add – network fees from either service are practically nonexistent.

As blockchain gamer and NFT collector where additional features will include future DeFi possibilities, the next coming months will be unconventionally exciting!!
Hope to see you on board. 

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