Album Review - "War Crimes" by TrippyB3ats

Electronic musician TrippyB3ats returned with her second full-length album, War Crimes, on August 9th, 2022! This one is comprised of 9 brand new tracks, and I am back to rate them each on a scale of 10, and then give you an overall score for the album.

It should be noted that the physical release of this album has a track length of 13 songs. However, this is because it included The Killer's Inside(s) from the EP Reorientation, as well as the tracks Division Headpat, Neopronouns Killed God, and Improv Testimonials from the EP Deviations. As those songs were previously rated in my reviews for those EP's, this review will only be for the 9 original songs from War Crimes.

Without further ado, here is the song by song breakdown for War Crimes:

1. War Crimes - 7/10

For it to be both the opener and the title track, it's just okay. The song is way too chipper sounding to be called War Crimes. It's almost a dance track. Listen for yourself here!

2. Trash Panda Dance Party - 9/10

This track has a nice build up at the beginning that turns into a cool techno beat. It's a very solid song. Listen for yourself here!

3. Queer in the Dance Club - 7/10

It's got a very chill beat to it, but it gets kind of grating by the end of the song. Listen for yourself here!

4. Gay Prom Queen - 7/10

A mysterious sounding opening turns into a creative beat. About halfway through it becomes something that sounds like searching or longing for something, but in a mysterious way. Listen for yourself here!

5. Cats Rule the World - 6/10

Too whoosh-y. The beat is pretty solid though. Listen for yourself here!

6. I May Be Weak But - 7/10

Brooding and catchy. I love the beat and where it goes with it, though it kind of fizzles out in the second half of the track. Listen for yourself here!

7. Neogenesis Survivorship Bias - 7/10

Seems like Trippy is teetering between their old style of naming tracks in almost gibberish sounding technobabble words, and their newer way of naming them in funny cheeky ways. This song is a bit of both. It starts right off but doesn't go far. It has interesting sounds throughout the track. Listen for yourself here!

8. Aliens in My House - 6/10

The beginning of this track is quite jarring. It finds a decent beat, but the melody isn't the best. Listen for yourself here!

9. Twilight Saves the World - 10/10

The album ends with its best track. This one has such a great beginning that gets right to it but builds throughout the first third of the song. It has lots of really cool sounds and an awesome beat to it. Listen for yourself here! This one also has a really cool visualizer video!

Overall, I would give this album a 7.3/10. There are some great standouts like Trash Panda Dance Party and Twilight Saves the World, but otherwise the album falls pretty flat. I'm glad to see Trippy releasing some solid tracks, but I think their early days were releasing everything and could have had a bit more quality control and only released the really good stuff.

You can check out the full album on Spotify, YouTube, Tidal, Deezer, and Napster! You can also find it on Web3 platforms such as Audius, Mousai, and even as limited-edition NFTs on OpenSea!


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