Album Review - "Sputnik" by TrippyB3ats

Electronic musician TrippyB3ats once again quickly returned after their third EP, Afterlife, with their fourth EP titled Sputnik on May 27th, 2022. This one is comprised of 5 new tracks this time, and I'm back to rate them each on a scale of 10, and then give you an overall score for the album.

Without further ado, here is the song by song breakdown for Sputnik:

1. Rings - 7/10

This one is decent and kind of works for an EP opener. It has a solid melody and some fun sounds throughout, but overall fails to grab your attention. Listen for yourself here!

2. Safeguarding - 6/10

It has an interesting sound design but it doesn't really go anywhere with it, despite sounding unique. The ending also makes the song feel unfinished. Listen for yourself here!

3. Sputnik - 6/10

The title track almost does something but ends up playing it too safe to be memorable. The ending also feels rushed. Listen for yourself here!

4. Interglacial Waves - 5/10

This one has a really cool beginning but doesn't do anything with it and loses steam about half way through. Listen for yourself here!

5. Flagrante Delicto - 6/10

The final track does try to be interesting but it's really just a hollow-sounding beat with nothing else to support it. Listen for yourself here!

Overall, I would give this EP a 6.0/10, which puts it dead last out of my reviews so far. Almost the entire EP feels like filler, and the only passable song I would say is Rings. I really think that Wisewoman, Sputnik, and Afterlife could have cut the fat and been released as a single EP that would have been much stronger than the sum of its parts.

Funny enough, it looks like this EP was removed from most streaming services, so it can only be found on YouTube, Audius, Mousai, and as NFTs on OpenSea.


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