Album Review - "Reorientation" by TrippyB3ats

Electronic musician TrippyB3ats returned with their fifth, and longest, EP titled Reorientation on August 3rd, 2022. This one is comprised of 8 brand new tracks, and I am back to rate them each on a scale of 10, and then give you an overall score for the album.

Without further ado, here is the song by song breakdown for Reorientation:

1. Initiatives - 6/10

Not a strong start to this EP. Initiatives fails to take any initiative itself. It has an interesting beat and melody but the instrumentation is not that great. Listen for yourself here!

2. Ratings Approachability - 7/10

This one has some cool instrumentation and it builds into a really fun and chaotic beat that I do really enjoy, but I can see it not being for everyone. Listen for yourself here!

3. Isometric Exercise - 7/10

It's boring at first but it does build into something really cool and synthy. It also has a pretty solid beat to it. Listen for yourself here!

4. Cybernetic Corporate Servitude - 8/10

What a title for an electronic track! I love the synths and beat in this one. It does a lot in a short amount of time. Listen for yourself here!

5. Reorientation - 8/10

The title track builds to a really chill and creative beat. It has interesting sounds throughout that are all well incorporated into the song. Listen for yourself here!

6. Regulations Flamboyant - 7/10

This is a fun song with great sounds and another solid beat. Though it doesn't feel as satisfying when listening to it after the last two tracks. Listen for yourself here!

7. Sunflower in My Hair - 10/10

The first genuinely really solid song from TrippyB3ats in a while, probably since Holophotal. This one has a really solid beat and melody and is just a lot of fun to listen to! Listen for yourself here! This one also has a pretty cool visualizer video!

8. The Killer's Inside(s) - 10/10

This final track feels like the complete antithesis of the last song. They're so aesthetically different but pair really well together because they're both such tight EDM songs. Listen for yourself here! This one also has a really cool visualizer video too!

Overall, I would give this EP a 7.9/10. For the first time since Hieratic Passe, we get a really solid EP that feels like a real step forward for TrippyB3ats! This one just feels like such a game changer and really evolves their sound for the better. It is solid all around but is truly elevated to the next level by the tracks Sunflower in My Hair and The Killer's Inside(s) at the end.

You can check out the full EP on Spotify, YouTube, Tidal, Deezer, and Napster! You can also find it on Web3 platforms such as Audius, Mousai, and even as NFTs on OpenSea!


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