Album Review - "Homogenesis" by TrippyB3ats

Electronic musician TrippyB3ats returned with their longest endeavor yet, their very first full-length album, Homogenesis, on August 4th, 2022! This one is comprised of 12 brand new tracks, and I am back to rate them each on a scale of 10, and then give you an overall score for the album.

Without further ado, here is the song by song breakdown for Homogenesis:

1. Bionicle Superdome - 6/10

Nothing special coming right out of the gate with this one. It is doing more to put me to sleep than really making itself unique or interesting to the listener. Take a listen for yourself here!

2. Communal Property Theft - 7/10

Can I just say I absolutely adore the way Trippy titles some of her tracks? The track itself does keep the attention but that's about it. It doesn't really try to be anything more than just okay. Listen for yourself here!

3. Inhibitors - 7/10

This track starts off great but then begins to lose itself part way through. It picks back up about halfway in, but in the end it's just okay. Listen for yourself here!

4. Circulations - 8/10

The beginning of this track sounds sort of similar to their other track Neopronouns Killed God from the EP Deviations. This one feels a bit more chill and relaxed than that one though. Listen for yourself here!

5. QueerCoin Futures - 8/10

This track is very hopeful and uplifting but with some strange instrumentation that makes it sound sort of mysterious to the listener. Listen for yourself here!

6. Distribution Cybernetics - 8/10

This one starts off sounding very industrial sci-fi. It has an aggressive sound to it that continues through the entire track. Listen for yourself here!

7. Lost in the Hive Mind - 7/10

This track is very properly titled. It feels very mysterious and meandering but not in a bad way. Overall, it isn't that interesting though. Listen for yourself here!

8. Followed Through My Thoughts - 7/10

The first half isn't very good, but the second half really makes up for it with an interesting beat and great synths. Listen for yourself here!

9. Scrutinising - 7/10

This one is interesting enough to get through, but it isn't doing very much either. Listen for yourself here!

10. Homogenesis - 7/10

The title track is chaotic in a way that works. The in between bits and stops really stall the song though. Listen for yourself here!

11. Shared Attachments - 8/10

This track is actually a lot of fun even though it doesn't really do a lot. Listen for yourself here!

12. Web3 Superheroes - 8/10

It has an upbeat and hopeful sound to it, similar to QueerCoin Futures. It has a good beat and sounds vaguely sci-fi. Listen for yourself here!

Overall, I would give this debut album a 7.3/10. There aren't really any standout songs, but with the exception of the opening track, none of these songs are bad. It feels solid just not particularly memorable like Reorientation or Hieratic Passe were. It's an exceptionally middle-of-the-road release from TrippyB3ats, but serves as an admirable first LP effort.

You can check out the full album on Spotify, YouTube, Tidal, Deezer, and Napster! You can also find it on Web3 platforms such as Audius, Mousai, and as limited-run NFTs on OpenSea!


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