Lots of news right now. But not everyone should be trusted.

By Bimevox | Ambassador projects | 12 Dec 2022


Clickbait headlines, speculation, unverified facts and simply illiterate texts that mislead the reader are the lion's share in the information flow. Fake news, whether it be marketing ploys or political provocations, can not only distort the picture of the world, but also steal money from the wallet.

The distribution of misinforming content is mostly published on Internet resources, as well as on social networks. Social media platforms have begun to reduce the amount of inauthentic content, but it is almost impossible to completely eliminate it. Recognizing false information is becoming more and more difficult, especially in a situation where anxiety does not allow critical attitude to a particular message. However, a significant part of fakes can still be calculated. Modern problems require modern solutions, and certain algorithms can be used automatically with the help of a trained neural network. Therefore, Exorde as a knowledge network can use the unstructured content of the Internet and perform a first-of-its-kind analysis of the virality of information circulating throughout the network.

Exorde is a decentralized protocol that allows anyone to commission 100 or even 1000 people to run blockchain-based software to research a particular topic or keyword. Exorde not only crawls social media and blog platforms to collect the most recent published conversations, but also uses machine learning to collate data and interpret how people feel about a topic.

Exorde receives input URLs for public information such as social media posts, press articles, photos, and videos. These URLs are then processed in a decentralized data pipeline that produces output graphs linking all similar data and facts. The analyzed content is stored in an archive that has open access, so any person can access the original information at any time and from anywhere in the world.

Today, the Exorde protocol can be used in many ways, whether it be public opinion issues, for commercial purposes of any fast-growing company, for journalists in the field of censorship and information evaluation.

In conclusion, I would like to say the following - Exorde will give us tools that will help identify and prevent various types of manipulation of the mass consciousness. But it is important to understand that Exorde is not a magic box that will figure out where the truth is. It is a powerful tool that requires careful handling and careful tuning. To increase the effectiveness of the information being evaluated, it is necessary to block fakes, not to delete real content (even if it is not pleasant for us and does not make us better), but it is necessary to carefully work with the input data and then ensure that they are correctly taken into account in the models. I hope Exorde improves the accuracy of the information it recognizes and helps us make better choices.

Written by Bimevox
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