With Solcial, maybe our world will change for the better


If you start with the history of the emergence and development of social networks, then they originate in 1995. And at their dawn, they performed one single function - the possibility of remote interaction between people. Back then, we could only write short text messages. And who would have thought then that after only seven years such a powerful development and promotion of social networks would begin that today we cannot even imagine ourselves without them. With the advent of Facebook, VKontakte, Twitter and many others, we began to live two lives - one online and the other offline. We have learned to live in the real and virtual world. We find friends, being in different parts of the globe, start and maintain relationships, find and gain knowledge in the network, in general, we live and develop.

And with each new day this world takes over our mind more and more and we are more and more immersed in it. Social networks have made our life simpler and easier, painted with different colors, they have made it rich and vibrant.

Only now existing social networks have not only positive aspects, but also a number of big disadvantages. And they are not exempt from a number of problems. And the main one is centralization. All of our user-generated content on the web is owned by just a few IT giants, among them Facebook, Google and other corporations. With each new day, more and more they broadcast a certain point of view on events taking place in the world and countries, controlling and censoring all user content. For views that do not coincide with the policy of the site, we may be deprived of our content and blocked or restricted access. And we directly face censorship, intrusive advertising on the network, transfer or leakage of our data. After all, all our personal information is stored on the platform of the owner of the social network that we use.

So, if we use any of the existing centralized social networks, then we sell our user data as payment for entry and interaction on the network. And here comes the need to create and distribute a distributed, decentralized social network that will be free from all of the above disadvantages. Where each of us will be the full owner of our content.

Solcial is an ecosystem, a decentralized social network. So what does this mean? And everything is very simple, an ecosystem that does not have a single center for the distribution and management of incoming information. And this means that all personal data will be available only to us and to no one else, which means that the system excludes leakage of personal data. Only the community itself will establish the internal rules of the network by voting on a number of emerging issues. Lack of censorship. Rather, only topics related to those banned in all countries and subject to criminal liability (pornography, drugs, inciting ethnic hatred, etc.) will fall under the ban. All other topics will not be prohibited and we can not be afraid that we may be blocked or removed content.

Is it really interesting? I think yes. It is worth trying and maybe our world will change for the better. Let's just be responsible!


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