Exorde platform is decentralized, open and transparent.


By right, the Internet today can be considered the most convenient and accessible source of information. Currently, the global network has combined a huge number of servers, which host a large number of sites containing a variety of information. It is no secret that on the Internet today you can find any information or information about how to find a job, call a taxi, see exchange rates, make purchases, and so on.

Of course, thanks to the computer and the Internet, human life has become much more convenient and interesting, and the search for information, on the one hand, has become much easier. It is the Internet that provides a great opportunity to improve your knowledge or just relax.
As for the convenience of providing and perceiving online information, it is difficult to compare it with traditional sources: television or newspapers. High quality, speed, availability and volume of information provided captivate a large number of Internet users every day.

A significant advantage of the Internet is the ability to communicate with opponents, colleagues or friends. Online communication allows you to quickly exchange relevant news, emotions and experiences. Such services can no longer be offered by any other source of information.
And you should also pay attention to the incredibly large amount of information that the Internet provides. This is both good and bad. Social media platforms allow just about anyone to post their thoughts or share stories with the world. A rather serious problem is that most people do not verify the source of such material before sharing it, which leads to the rapid spread of fake news. It turns out that an excess of information makes people take any statement on faith - here it is, the reverse side of the World Wide Web. On the Internet, we are constantly confronted with unverified information, which may turn out to be false or even harmful.

The identification of disinformation is possible if we begin, at a minimum, to check the incoming information.
To increase the accuracy of the checked content, the Exorde system was created. Exorde is built around a core platform that provides unbiased credibility scores for information (and virality-related analytics) based on the community, AI modules, and a token-based economy.

This platform is decentralized, open and transparent. This is where participants will work together to index the entire network, extract its unstructured information, relationships, similarities, trends, and any type of pattern in information circulating throughout the internet, regardless of platform or media.
Exorde is run by its DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) and uses community votes and polls. Management will be decentralized among all members of the community. Collectively, they will be able to change the internal rules and parameters of the systems (rewards, limits, delays, scheduling, etc.) and will have a built-in reputation system. These mechanisms are designed to continually align the interests of the community and its governance for the benefit of Exorde.

The Exorde Work Systems are the core component and will serve as the base layer for the entire ecosystem. Exorde is based on four main parameters:
Ethereum is an open source platform that allows developers to create and deploy decentralized applications on it.
Skale SKALE is an elastic sidechain network connected to the Ethereum chain, acting as an execution layer. It is a scalable and elastic environment that provides high transaction throughput.

Filecoin is a decentralized data storage system that intends to replace the expensive and inefficient servers of Google and Amazon.
NLP is an artificial intelligence module that will work with unstructured text.

Also, the Exorde Labs team is proud to announce the launch of Testnet. We are now at the point where Testnet is open to anyone who wants to download the open source modules and participate! This phase includes more detailed web panels showing blocks of data being mined on the Exorde network, the number of free and employed workers, protocol details with additional statistics, URLs, and more. A little later, a new version will appear: Testnet v0.2, with improved staking mechanisms, rewards and dynamic protocol settings. Constant improvements, the most advanced web scraping modules! End of summer - September.

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