Content in Solcial will be completely at the mercy of its creator


We hear about decentralized social networks every day now. Decentralization this, decentralization that, and so on. And what is it in simple words. And what are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and hedgehogs with them, the well-known social networks we all know today?

The most popular and well-known social networks today are centralized, that is, they are headed by an organization, and most often it is one of the Internet giants, which controls access to the content that we upload to our pages in these social networks.

But we are increasingly hearing that one or the other network is being attacked by hackers and our data is leaking into the hands of people who can shamelessly use it for a variety of purposes. Or actually the same social network itself sold our user data. And more and more often there are cases of blocking content for a variety of reasons, including political views that are different from the views of the owners of social networks. Yes, a lot of things are happening that are directly related either to our digital security, or to our views and beliefs. And as a result, for more and more people, this position of the owners of social networks causes more and more negativity and rejection.

And of course, this situation cannot go on forever. Today, many digital and IT teams are developing more and more products based on the idea of ​​decentralization. And Solcial is one of those social networks. So what is a decentralized social network and Solcial? So, in fact, this is an ecosystem, in the structure of which there is no single control center. And what does this mean, I think you all guessed. This means that we can be anonymous on the network, and our data will not fall into the wrong hands and will not be used by unscrupulous people. This means that our content will always remain our content, no one will be able to borrow, steal or use it. This means that no one will dictate to us what we can write about and what not. That we will be able to express our opinion openly and nothing will happen to us for it. All data will be on the network, they will not be erased, blocked and access to information will not disappear without our consent.

In Solcial, users and only users will manage this ecosystem by reaching the consent of network users, this will concern Solcial development and management issues. This means that Solcial will have more autonomy than centralized social networks. We will be able to customize the social network for ourselves, our capabilities and desires.

Well, the most pleasant bonus that we can only imagine is that we will be able to monetize our content and earn in Solcial. Content in Solcial will be completely at the mercy of its creator, having absolutely complete creative freedom.


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