Would you like some Dash?

I associate Dash with my grandma’s name Dasha – that was her nickname. By coincidence I found out last year that Dash is one of the top crypto currency.

So what is Dash?

Evan Duffield came across Bitcoin in 2010 and was extremely impressed by the technology, However, he was not that enthused about the slow transaction speed and the lack of privacy.

He had numerous ideas on how to make Bitcoin function better but the Bitcoin core members would never allow him to do that since that would mean changing the core’s code.This is why, he decided to use the Core code and make his own cryptocurrency on January 18, 2014.

Dash was formerly called Xcoin which later on became “DarkCoin”. It was eventually rebranded to Dash which is a portmanteau of “Digital Cash”.Dash has a hard cap of 18 million coins, meaning there will only be 18 million Dash ever made.Today each Dash costs around 150 dollars.

On 1 year Coingecko’s chart you can observe, that one year ago on July 2018, 1 Dash was around 220 dollars, it hit its lows on December 15th, when the gloom was raining in crypto’s world to 60 dollar level, and now it’s been within the level 145 – 180 dollar range in the last 2 months.

Even though a lot of altcoins have been hugely affected by Bitcoin’s surge from April, Dash has been pretty stable, much more stable than Litecoin, BCH or Ethereum. That is due to the Dash’s  marketing great effort in promoting crypto payments:

In Dashnews.org you can find out about the latest development of this premium crypto. 

Did you know that you can pay sports events in France by Dash? 

Or that there are few Dash debit cards such as: Shakepay, wirex, Spectrocoin? 

 There is also an app – Discover Dash. In this site you can also find some contests, news and a lot of interesting information from Dash community. Also you can find Dash in some crypto ATMs, Dash is well recognized trading pair, on Coinfield Dash is well recognized by Bob Ras, where Dash is convertible to USD, GBP, Yen, Euro. Dash has been also popular on Uphold, where you can stack it, or exchange into   popular fiat or other crypto currencies, or even commodities.

Due to its great promotion, major acceptance as a mainstream crypto, its exchange stability vs USD during 2019, I personally think that it might be a good idea to have some Dash in your crypto portfolio.

What do you think about Dash?

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Amazing world of cryptos
Amazing world of cryptos

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