Let's increase Uptrennd's social media outreach

Uptrennding is becoming popular and our community grows a lot. However it’s important to improve our social media outreach. That means spreading the word of mouth on Uptrennd on other platforms. This will do the following:

1) Improve Uptrennd’s stats.

2) Drive traffic from other platforms to Uptrennd.

3) Give the opportunity to other cryptobloggers who make living out of crypto, to earn our precious 1UP tokens.

4) Increase referral rate.

For example I started to publish Uptrennd’s links on Minds. Inside the link I include my referral link. I started to publish these links on Minds and Publish0x and I got my 3 referrals during the last 3 weeks. 

5) Improve positioning of Uptrennd. Some people probably have heard about Uptrennd but when you show them your or our best content, some of them will definitely become interested.

There is something extremely important; you have to be very careful about selection of the content. It has to be something really good, outstanding or just excellent.

So where can you promote Uptrennd?

Traditional Social Media:

1) Twitter

When you subscribe to Twitter. Follow @Uptrennd. I recommend you to follow the team members: Jeff Kirdeikis, Elena Demou, Luke Brenland, Steve T8888, Victoria, Romana, Osato, Dotun. Busola, other Trenndians and me.

Do you wanna get more followers?

If there is a tweet where you have to reply to @BAW and @Uptrennd – give like to other people. If you give 100 likes, I will bet you that you will get at least 1 -2 followers in the next 24 hours.

You can do the following:

  • Tweet
  • Retweet or Retweet with comment
  • Reply
  • Like
  • Comment


If you want to shorten your link go to bit.ly and there you can fix it.

I would like to ask you for being more active there, because when there is an exchange listing and if we want to win it, we need at least 20% of all the community to participate. 

If some of you get 100,000 followers you will become an opinion leader and you can make a lot of money endorsing link. Influencers can obtain a lot of benefits, there are special digital marketing agencies, which focus on them.

2) Facebook

If you have a Facebook. You can share the links of Uptrennd’s article on your Fanpage which is very easy to set up or on your profile. There are important groups: Cryptocurrency investing, which you can follow.

3) Instagram – There I recommend you to share videos and visuals. This social media is really appealing for younger generation, who like many of you likes giveaways.

If you promote any of your link:

First describe it: You need at least one sentence. Then post the link and then tweet hashtags.

The hashtags we shall be using are: #1UP #Homeofcrypto #Uptrennd

4) Reddit

Reddit is a little bit controversial because for posting in some communities you need to have certain amount of Karmas. However Reddit is the site on Global rank: 19 and in US: 10. I subscribed to Bitcoin communities, BAT, TOP, etc. 

Reddit users maybe a little picky, don’t get discouraged if you get some comment of disapproval – remember it’s impossible that everybody likes our content.  The amount of users subscribed to Bitcoin community is 1,200,000. It’s a massive exposure.

5) Youtube – some people consider Youtube as a social media, others not. But if you make a video, insert it on Youtube and embeed that video on Uptrennd’s post. Youtube can drive a great deal of traffic to Uptrennd. I personally have seen a lot of cryptolovers advertising the crypto projects and they get a staggering amount of referrals. 

Be aware of Youtube guidelines and rules, you have to adhere to respect OC content and CC licences. For example you can repost video of other user only if it has CC licence, for Youtube copyright plagiarism is a big deal and they can ban your account if you infringe it.

Crypto social Media:


1) Minds – the advantage of Minds is that you can upload the complete links from Uptrennd. You only need the introduction sentences, link and 5 hashtags. You can earn there Minds token by a score list: which considers a lot of factors (upvotes, comments, daily checkins, reminds (repost), new suscribers, and referrals). The Minds token that you earn, gets deposited after 24 hours into your offchain wallet, which I  always use for boosting Trenndian post. You can post photographs or articles about other topics too. Their user base is pretty big.  


2) Publish0x – the traffic of this site is not that intense as on Uptrennd. But if you publish posts, you have to keep in mind some factors:

1) It has to be 100% OC

2) Don’t publish during night of Central US Time.

3) You can withdraw  your cryptos after one week once you reach 0.5 USD in determined crypto.

4) You cannot publish only Uptrennd’s link – you are supposed to write a text but inside that text you can include your Uptrennd’s link.

You get paid by tips and not for comments.  The articles shall be well researched. The articles which have the best chance to get upvoted are about BTC, ETH, BAT and Hydro. 

You can tip no more than 6 times per day.

3) Dtube – Steemit blogs aren’t that popular as they used to be but Dtube is making a nice comeback. If you upload video on Youtube or Instagram, you can upload it there too. Steemit didn’t work out for me, but for some Trenndians it has.

Write about a project where you want to get referral:

For example:

I write about Brave – popular software which is much faster and safer than Google. There you can subscribe to Brave Rewards. How?

You subscribe your Youtube channel, Twitter, Reddit account, etc to brave. They give you an affiliate link. For example today I subscribed my Twitter to  Brave


I suscribed these links of Twitter, Youtube, etc. in Brave Rewards section. First of course you have to download the software.

I did the same with Reddit and Youtube. You write an article about them, you include the referral links inside your article. Don’t post the links in the comments because it might be considered as a spamming by some sites. You  post it on Uptrennd. And the Uptrennd’s post you can share it on Twitter, Facebook, Minds, Publish0x.

The advantage of subscribing these sites to Brave is also that you can receive BAT tips from other users. That supports you when you are creating your precious OC posts. 

What I will do with these referral income?

  I will donate it to support street cats and dogs of Mexico, sterilize them and buy pet’s food, which I will provide the people who give them shelter. I personally have adopted 6 cats during the last 5 years, now I have only 3. Gandhi said: The evolution of a nation depends on how its citizen treat animals and I really want to do some change as much as I can in this aspect.

What have you just achieved?

  • Ø  You promote Uptrennd and you are doing social media outreach.
  • Ø  You earn other cryptos on other platforms.
  • Ø  But you are doing also certain conversions and you get referrals for them and also for Uprennd.

I am still amazed by this, but every month I get my Brave referral fee deposited to Uphold, 5USD today and 140 BAT during 2019.

Doing all this social media outreach, you benefit Uptrennd (traffic, outreach, referrals, positioning) but also you benefit yourself (more cryptos and  more cryptos for you).

I know it may take a little bit of time, but you will be getting step by step new  audience and your cryptoblogger’s income will be steadily increasing by doing so. 

What else do you recommend me as a social media outreach strategy? I am looking forward for your comments and suggestions.

You can find the complete article also here: https://www.uptrennd.com/post-detail/let-s-increase-uptrennd-s-social-media-outreach~MTI1MDY2

All my cryptotips are dedicated to rescue street animals. If you  like this cause, you can support the street dogs and cats here:

If you navigate on Brave you can give tips on:




or download Brave software on

https://brave.com/oav197 (Twitter)

https://brave.com/eur526 (Reddit)

https://brave.com/bus843 (Youtube)


For ETH donations here is the address: 0xC2fcF42D3E86c86a49aB164092c8E6371b6E770E 

Something that also would be very helpful is to join to a great community – Uptrennd, where you get paid for creating posts, making comments, your daily access, watching Twitch, referrals, giveaways, etc at: 




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