Let's get this parry started when we hit the number of 1000 members on Uptrennd's Telegram!

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Today very soon, there will be another party on Telegram.

It’s a party where we will celebrate 1000 members of Uptrennd’s Telegram Group.

So from now, everyone is wishing deep inside – Let’s get this parry started!!!

This party will celebrate your constant dedication and participation on this great Telegram’s channel. We are really happy having all of you here around.

Stay tuned, because there will be freebies on https://t.me/Uptrennd.

In this parry we wanna to appreciate all the effort of all great Uptrenndians and I wanna especially give thanks to all the mods who are giving helpful advices there – Elena, Romana (Ladies First), Jeff, Luke, Nathan, Steve, Dotun, Osato.

The bounty to be tipped is 1000 1 UP tokens, and it will be tipped in small amounts from 1, 2 up to 5 1 UP tokens. I don’t know if you, but I love 1 UP tokens and it’s good to get some for free.

So guys, stay tunned, now there are 982 members, so  be checking when we are around the member 995, because we will celebrate a big time like in the parties of Mexico. Have I told you when there is my birthday – my birthday party extends for 2 days and 3 nights? It’s for real, I’m a very spoiled man –  so we wanna feel you celebrates, joyful and feeling in a parry mood. There are always cool surprises on Uptrennd and always new ways on how to make 1 UP tokens.

I also wanna remind you that there are other Uptrennd’s telegram channels where you can earn 1UP tokens such as:

https://t.me/UptrenndsTaskForce (if you perform easy task of retweet or share across other social media, tips are being delivered for those who post the screenshot of tasks).

https://t.me/UptrenndPriceChatUnofficial - I saw admins in some occasions tipping the members too. There is also a trading competition, run at this moment. So check all these cool updates.

If you want to join Uptrennd here is the link: 


So let’s meet all of you there!


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