Ethereum again on the resistance of 200 dollars.

 Let's get the bull run party started for our Ethereum, it increased 15% in the last 24 hours. Other important guests who are attending this party are: Hydro and Basic Attention Token. Last time when Ethereum reached level of 200 dollars, it was on November 14th, 2018. Since February 6th, Ethereum has been on rise from 105 dollars. 

All the coin moves can be observed in the following graph of Coingecko:


As you can observe ethereum in May 2018, Ethereum reached 727 dollars, coming steadily to its lows on December 15th, when it reached its lows of 84 dollars. Thanks God, those gloomy days are gone.

When a coin breaks overpassed the psychological barriers of hundreds - in this occasion 200 dollars, in some occasions some coins make it quickly to come to the level of 300 USD. This case I personally observed with Bitcoin Cash this year, one day it was around 190 dollars, in 3 days it came to level of 340 dollars. 

Attached you can check the ETH/USD level of the last week:



In the previous chart we can observe a strong bull run during the last 24 hours, the coin increased almost 26 dollars, from 174 dollars to 200 dollars. At this moment it's essential for the coin to overpass the resistance of 220 dollars, the level, which has been steadily maintained for 2 months from September to November, 2018.

The average sentiments of traders is: BUY OR STRONG BUY, as you can see from ETH/USD Bibox Technical Analysis.


In the following hours/days it will be determined if Ethereum approaches more to 220 dollars or just stays around these recorded levels. In my opinion, it's very likely to continue the bull run of Ethereum but we also have to be down to earth and be checking its technical analysis hour by hour because in the traders' world everything is possible.

When Ethereum makes bull moves, it's also important for its ERC-20 network, where other important coins are located such as:

Our Hydro Token grew from its bottom level recorded last Thursday around 10% and starts to mark a new bullish pattern. This a very good news for all the Publish0x members, whose profits are rising in dollars too, as you can observe on your dashboards. I am very happy about it.

The renewed bullish run applies also for the Basic Attention Token which is reaching 0.37 dollars at this moment. I am a huge fan of this coin, I participate on Brave Rewards program, I recommend it because it worked out for me. If you want to explore it: suscribe on

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