Who are We?

Who are We?

By amaDeFi | amaDeFi | 1 Dec 2020

No! this has nothing to do with Huawei.

amaDeFi means ask me anything about DeFi. A community-based DeFi resource blog.

We hope to provide users with comprehensive answers to the what, how, why, where, when of all things DeFi.

Consider amaDeFi as your #1 DeFi Resource.

If you have a question that’s not already written about on this blog, kindly ask it in the comments section of any existing post(s).

Or better still, ask in our Telegram group and someone will write about it asap.

Anyone can contribute to this blog.

All you have to do is simply create a free author account and submit your post.

All posts must be question-based articles such as “What”, “How”, “Why” post formats.

Please read our simple contributors guide for more details.


Our Idea, Plan, and Vision

We planned to make amaDeFi the “Quora or WikiHow of DeFi” where users can ask and answer questions relating to DeFi.

However, because of the cost of developing a Quora-like site and given that we’re doing this without any budget or software development skills whatsoever, we decided to make it an open blog for multiple contributors to share posts and users can ask questions.

If this path we have chosen turns out to be successful we will eventually develop the site into a mini Quora or WikiHow for DeFi and probably tokenize it in order to reward early contributors.

We are very open to development ideas, suggestions, and questions that you may have about this project. Please feel free to reach out to us.


DeFi resource blog. Get answers to all DeFi related questions.



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