What is amaDeFi? | An Introduction

By [email protected] | amaDeFi | 6 Sep 2020

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First a little intro.

Who We Are

amaDeFi (ask me anything about my decentralized finance project) is a project that aims to connect upcoming, new, and established DeFi and cryptocurrency projects with an active community of crypto enthusiasts and investors through AMA events.

We help projects to promote themselves and expand their userbase while rewarding our loyal and active community members.

Our main goal is to see good cryptocurrency, especially DeFi projects gain greater attention, support, and ultimately become successful. Thus making both the founders and investors happy.

What We Do

We are first a strong community of crypto enthusiasts with a common goal of helping each other to discover, learn, earn and connect, as encapsulated in our misssion, highlighted below:

  • Discover

To help our members discover new, exciting, and valuable cryptocurrency and DeFi projects they can invest in, partner with, or contribute to.

  • Learn

To educate, inform, and inspire our members so that they can confidently make independent and informed cryptocurrency investment decisions and ultimately become successful crypto investors.

  • Earn

To expose our members to multiple opportunities that will help them to earn, acquire, and grow their wealth strategically.

  • Connect

To provide our members with an environment where they meet, connect, and foster healthy and profitable relationships with like-minded crypto enthusiasts and investors for mutual growth.

Our Community Activities

Below is a breakdown of what we do in the amaDeFi telegram community every day.

  • News and Updates
  • Educational Content
  • Quizzes and Games
  • AMA Sessions
  • Chat, Banter, bonding, and everything in-between

We aim to live the crypto life to the fullest and you’re welcome to join us.

Thank you!

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