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By Bit India | Bit India's AMA Room | 23 Nov 2021

Thanks a lot for actively participating in the SolChicks AMA held on 22th Nov 2021 at the Bit India . We really appreciate all your support. This post is a recap of the entire session held with SolChicks.

Hey everyone I am pleased to have with us Warren - Outreach lead of SolChicks Today 🤗
Warrenilling & Phill, Pleased to have you here with us today.

Thanks Abhishek & Vinay! Ready when you are :)

We will have 3 Segments
1st: Introduction
2nd: 2 question from Twitter
3rd: Live Questions At venue Location

For the 1st section, Our team has prepared some questions for you. Please say "DONE", after you finish answering each question.

So let's start with Our first Question ☺️

Here's our first question.Can you please introduce yourselves, your role and your background and How you discovered crypto?


Hi guys, my name is Warren Illing and I am the head of our VIP Outreach Team, as well as Twitter lead here at SolChicks. Firstly, I would like to thank you all for having us here today, and it’s fantastic to meet you all and to spend some time with you also.
Given how crazy everything has been for all of us here these past few weeks for all of us at SolChicks, my role is extremely multifaceted right now and am involved in a number of different positions within our project. The pace is incredible, which I personally love. :) But my predominant role here is running our @SolChicksNFT Twitter program (Creating, building, tweeting ‘tweets’) and also speaking with larger influential figures within our industry. It’s pretty awesome I have to admit.
And also, just like i'm sure a lot of people here, my passion for crypto came in 2017 during the first boom cycle.

My Name is Philip, I'm in the social media side of SolChicks. I help in looking for partners/influencers and investors across our social media platforms.
Started in Forex trading until I found Axie. Then I found these guys starting out this project and I jumped in 🙂


Here's Our second question, What is Solchiks ? Can you explain Sochiks in layman terms?

SolChicks as a whole, is the first NFT-powered play-to-earn fantasy game on the Solana network.

SolChicks consists of 3 things. The SolchicksNFT (The cute and cool looking chicks we all see), the SolChicks play-to-earn fantasy game (SolChicks Metaverse), and also the SolChicks $CHICKS crypto token which will be launching this week publicly, on the 26th of November, 2pm UTC.

The SolChicks Nft, the SolChicks Game and the solchicks token in $CHICKS are all separate, but all work within each other within the overall concept of 'SolChicks'.

Here's our 3rd question What was the inspiration behind starting Solchiks ?

Our CEO, William, wanted to create a game where playing the game would actually be really fun and people would want to play the game simply because it's really good. The play to earn side is a major plus but the game experience really is the main focus.

The team wanted to create a balance in casual gamers and competitive gamers alike within the ecosystem.

The game itself was inspired by Diablo but with a major twist!


Here's our 4th questions, What makes SolChicks different from other blockchain games?

There are a number of things really. But just to name a few, is how incredibly layered and sophisticated the technology is. We literally have the greatest minds in world that have built the SolChicks P2E Game. We are bringing the world a superior product, and one that has a lot of utility built into it also.

If SolChicks were a standalone game, without the SolChicks NFT, it would still be a major success. But with the introduction of the in-built NFT functionality, that enables owners/users to Breed their chicks, to train their chicks, earn $ while playing (Play to earn) and so much more, is really something truly incredible.

This and also our incredibly talented team, and the leaders of SolChicks who have the most credentialed backgrounds, in all of the business world, crypto, gaming and nft's as a whole.
(could go on forever but need to stop somewhere! ;))

Here's our 5th questions Can you talk about team behind Solchiks ? what’s the team size and how many developers are involved ?

Ans: Our CEO is prolly the most hard working guy around. I don't think he's human. The guy doesn't sleep and works so hard for this project! Lol

The game dev team is a major thing too. They're a top notch team from Korea who also brought us classics like pubg. You can definitely expect great things from the game!

Our marketing team work 24/7 like Warren here. Reaching out to as many communities as we can in trying to build the best and biggest NFT gaming community ever.

The SolChicks team has already broken a lot of records including the being the fastest growing NFT game in the space and the best part is, we're just getting started!


Our next and most interesting 5th question is ,Why did you choose Solana over other blockchains ?

Ans: Ohh I like this question, so i'll take this one,

We chose Solana because of its scalability, security, and speed. Solana is extraordinarily fast and most importantly safe.

To put this in perspective, Solana’s traction per second rate is 65,000, whereas Etherum only reaches 15!! Crazy to be honest. And also, Solana only charges an average of $0.0015 per transaction, wheres again, vs Etherum, charges $15 per transaction (if you’re lucky these days! ;)) so we have no doubt that the Solana Network is 100% the future within this space.

Host: Nobody can't ignore Solana Scalability and speed in this current scenario its really on 🔥, good choice guys.
thats the main issue with Ethereum & we can feel the pain from eth gas fees 😜

Our next 7th question is ,What’s the current status of the Solchiks project ? Any upcoming major milestones?

Ans: TG and Discord are pushing to 100k members. Twitter is now sitting at 110k+ and all other platforms are pushing hard too!

Our SolChicks floor price went from and average of 1.8 SOL up to 15 SOL in the past week!

We're also the top rated NFT game/collection in multiple sites and we plan to stay at the top!

Next for us would be the coin launch. This has to be the biggest coin launch in history and we are ready to break records again!

We're all making history together with you and all the other communities and we are always excited to bring more people to jump in and help us make this the best and biggest NFT gaming community out there!

So here's Our next 8th question, Can you tell us more about your SolChicks’ game concept or game play?

Ans: The solchicks game consists of many different features. To name the most prominent, we have 'PvP' - Where players test their skills and find out who has the mightiest SolChick in the online battleground. PvP battle is an essential element of the game where your SolChick is pitted against others in team battles to gain experience and win prizes. The game also offer 'Raids' where you group with friends and battle against threats to your SolChicks. 'Bond' is where you actually feed your SolChicks and make sure that they're taken care of to gain experiencer points, and also the 'Training' where you sharpen the skills of your SolChicks and where they evolve over time into more experiencer characters.

There's just so many exciting things you can do and this is really only just the beginning,
More awesome information can be found here on our website too, so 100% check this out for yourselves.

Host: Let's move towards our final question and then will we get in our second section.

So here's our final question ,Can you please talk about partners, investors and advisors of Sochiks?

We currently have 21 VC's invested in the game. To name some we have GD10 Ventures, LD Capital, Master Ventures and the list goes on. We are actually already oversubscribed and are still getting offers left and right from investors who wants to come in.

The company is also in partnership with the biggest names like Chainlink, Brave, Altura and so on!

We are working closely with our partners in trying to bring out the best product for the community. This really is the revolution and we'd be excited to have your good community join us 🙂👍


Host: amazing, Let move towards our segment 2,
will put up two questions from twitter 🧑🏻‍💻

1st one: Can you tell us some of the latest achievements made by the SolChicks project & can you describe in details the current development efforts, such as market expansion plans, expected applications & new upcoming program of events?


So, it's fair to say, we've had an incredibly big 2 weeks. The floor price for our SolChicks NFT's alone has gone up over 600% in the last 9 days, and this is simply incredible. Over this past fortnight also, we've had the privilege of releasing the first look into our SolChicks Metaverse game demo (which can be found here and was the catalyst for our momentum this week.

Also, which is something we are all very proud of, as this truly does come and is built from our SolChicks community, is our social media channels. Twitter has had an increase of 8 x more followers, and the same with Telegram. And this is important to us for a number of reasons, but mainly, because it tells us that our community is supporting us and that people believe in what we're doing, so it's another great sign for all of us here. :)

And re the expansion, well, again, let's just say it's going to be one very BIG month coming up. ;)


2nd One: How does #solchicks handle government regulations and boundaries? And What mechanisms / strategies do you use to keep users motivated and present on your platform? What can the #solchicks platform guarantee or promise in terms of the security and privacy of its users?


The team has been really careful not to step on anybody's toes and make sure that the game will be available across the globe without breaking any rules.

Aside from an awesome game experience, SolChicks will also have a loaning system wherein people can loan a SolChick to be able to play the game and also earn! The best part is that the loaning system will be done within the game itself. That way, people wouldn't have to deal with managers externally and all the profits will be divided between the player and the NFT holder within the ecosystem.

This idea is similar to Axie but more secure 🙂

Host: this is really nice, user security should be first priority 👌🏻
Let's listen from community now . We will be opening flood gates in few seconds for Community . Let's go 🚀 (Segement 3)

Q. How will the demand for tokens in project SolChicks increase in the future? Or what steps will you take to increase demand?

Ans: Tokens will be used for breeding, increasing level and other things. The there will be a demand for tokens that's for sure 🙂

Q. Do you focus only on gamers users or do you also focus on users interested in profitable investments? Since I do not consider myself a professional gamer or play regularly as part of my routine. Even if I don’t consider myself a “gamer”, can I receive passive income ?

Ans: Hey Sonu! Sure man. This is exactly right. You don't have to be a gamer to be involved. We have a large number of people that will buy/own their SolChicks nfts of which 'rent them out' to players within the game for a daily fee in $. So you can also invest into the game, without ever playing, by loaning and earning :)

Q. Marketing strategy is very important. A product can be established on the market without marketing and promotion, whatever it is good. So what are your plans for this? How will you build strong relationships with communities?

Ans: The team has been juggling with over 50 AMA's in the past week trying to promote and build relationships across the globe in multiple languages. We even had to do an AMA with a translator once. Haha

PHILIP: That was an awesome session you guys. I hope to see you all in the battlefield when the game launches hopefully Q1 of 2022!

Host: Let me thank to @Warrenilling and Philip 😃 for joining our chat group today and sharing insights on the project 😎

Thank you everyone for participating in this exciting AMA.. too many questions however time is always a limitation.

🔥 Also keep an eye on their telegram, many exciting news and stuff incoming ✅✅ and you can also asking anything related to their projects, they are more than happy to help you.

Great have you here guys Warrenilling and Philip .Hope to see you again soon 🍻


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