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By Bit India | Bit India's AMA Room | 14 Dec 2021

Thanks a lot for actively participating in the GAMESTA AMA held on 13th Dec 2021 at the Bit India. We really appreciate all your support. This post is a recap of the entire session held with GAMESTA.


Hey everyone I am pleased to have with us @spencertarring Today 🤗


We will have 3 Segments
1st: Introduction
2nd: 2 question from Twitter
3rd: Live Questions At venue Location

For the 1st section, Our team has prepared some questions for you. Please say "DONE", after you finish answering each question.


Hello spencertarring and welcome to the Bitindia Community! We’re super excited to have you all with us today. To start off, could you briefly introduce yourself, so everyone gets to know you better? Thank you.😊


Ans: Hi everyone! I’m Spencer Tarring, CEO and Founder of GAMESTA. I am from the UK, but left as soon as I could, and have over 20 years experience in start-ups before becoming an early investor on Crypto, discovering play to earn, game-fi and here we are. Its been a journey!


Let move towards our segment 1,

will put up four questions from twitter 🧑🏻‍💻


So let's start with Our first Question ☺️: What is "GAMESTA" & how does it work?


Ans: Super, Gamesta is an A.I. powered Guild, enabling investors to connect and empower thousands of play-to-earn gamers around the world. Essentially we are a crypto gaming fund lending assets, experience and expertise on maximising yields on said digital assets and will also provide training, management and support to chosen talent from developing and countries, assisting entry to platforms that would otherwise be financially out of reach.

We will use funding for the acquisition of in-game assets (NFTs), game development, community building, staking and VC investing into new projects.


Host: Great, it means, Gamesta is going to be Huge Crypto gaming HUB where users can experience exciting facilities 🔥🚀 Sounds Really Great.. 💪🏻


Here is our 2nd Question:

GAMESTA is holding a Token Launch Auction, tell us more about that.


Ans: Good question and thank for asking... In recent times, it has been incredibly difficult to get access to whitelists, and hold tokens for various launchpads in order to participate in raises in a fair and transparent manner. Value is lost for the project by underselling its token, and VC’s, or those with ‘favours’ get access to the early stage investments before the token pumps and normal investors are left scratching their heads.

With a TLA, however, anyone can invest, big or small. Without the ability to run bots and scripts, there will be genuine price discovery happening across the 72-hour period the pool will be open. Tokens will be immediately tradable making it impossible for a large party to dump on smaller ones.


Host: That looking really a Fair mechanism for every one, cool 👍🏻 Looking forward to great future ahead..


Here is our 3rd Question: What was the inspiration behind starting Gamesta ?


Ans: Good question and it came around quite naturally and organically. After discovering Gamefi and Play-to-Earn I started developing a game based on one of my favourite games growing up, Drug Lord. We ended up calling that game, (check it out) for which we held held the IDO last week. Anyway this got me thinking about how we could grow DopeWarz and GAMESTA was born as a natural parent company to assist DopeWarz and now all the other exciting games entering the market.


Host: This is really something New to know and we believe Gamesta is going to one of the best platform ever 🚀


So here's our final 4rth question: Can you talk about team behind Gamesta ? what’s the team size and how many developers are involved ?


Ans: Yes, we have a great team currently spanning the globe but we are rapidly building a core team in Bali. Our AI lead developer and CTO are currently re-locating to join us in the head office which includes the marketing department and design teams as well as myself, COO, head of gaming and the academy team. Its expanding fast! We have investors and further advisors always on hand as well.


Host: Its really nice to know about your team .You have a big & promising team . Hopefully your team will bring out best product for community 🙂


Guest: Yes we are working extremely hard to make this a success and the team are fantastic.Looking forward to the TLA this Thursday. Let me share a tweet I think the community might like. You can even win a Tesla!


Host: Awesome , Your Hard work will definitely payoff 🙂 Nice to know about GAMESTA Team, we believe work hard work💥🚀


Let move towards our segment 2,

will put up four questions from twitter 🧑🏻‍💻


Here's our 1st questions from Twitter:

What will be the attraction for mass adoption of the metaverse concept? Do you feel that this is mainly a crypto attraction or do you see mainstream flocking towards it?


Ans: Great first question!!! I think Facebook has obviously made their intentions clear so that should help the mainstream interest. And I think gamers who are going to be the core of the GAMESTA community, which happens to be the biggest industry in the world, will be obvious adopters. Gaming eclipses music and movies by almost double and only 1% of gamers are currently playing “play 2 earn” based games. This spells huge growth and we're excited to be at the birth of this movement. This will be the biggest industry in the world, so its a wise investment. Gaming is never going anywhere. 


Host: Yupp, i agreed with this, This is just a beginning of Play 2 Earn Concept in Crypto & its future💪🏻


Ans: Its the future for sure


Host: Absolutely , Gaming industry will bring mass adoption in Crypto . Gaming industry and crypto collaboration will be huge . A great future lies ahead .🔥


Here's our 2nd questions from Twitter:

Most solid projects with token utility and good infrastructure but perform poorly because investors dumped after listing on the first exchange. How do you prevent early investors from dumping your tokens?


Ans: Another great question but with a simple answer. All initial investors are on a staggered vesting schedule whereby only a small percentage of tokens are released each month.


Host: yupp, that's why Vesting is Important 😄 Yea, vesting is must for sucess of a tokenomics .✅


Here's our 3rd questions from Twitter:

With the sudden boom of P2E games, comes along with the sudden deployment of several gaming guilds all around the world. In terms of competitiveness, advantage and benefits, how does GAMESTA stands out among other gaming guilds in the industry?


Ans: First off we have assembled an incredible team but a vital point of difference will be our proprietary inhouse A.I. & Machine Learning technology, our expanding ecosystem, NFT’s, staking (DeFi), incubation and our own games, including

Our A.I. & ML based algorithm will assist in asset acquisition decisions and will increase the efficiency of our treasury and significantly reduce the risks of human errors and sentiment based choices.


Host: Sounds great 💥


Here's our 4th questions from Twitter:

Many investors find it tedious and overwhelming to keep a list of scholarship, so could you explain how Gamesta will make it easy and simple to manage investor-sponsored grants? How involved will investors be in the process of managing and delivering scholarships?


Ans: We will manage the entire system so the investors need not worry about any of that side of the business and further to that we will also be using A.I. to develop these systems across enrolling, training and rewarding players.


Host: Great , looking forward to this 🙂 So ya its really well manage by GAMESTA with help of AI.. 💪🏻


Let's unmute the chat now for Community .
🚀Let's listen from community now . We will be opening flood gates in few seconds for Community . Let's go 🚀 (Segement 3)


Chat Closed🙈




spencertarring you can pick best 4 question according to you from starting of our segment 3👍🏻🚀


1st: I read about the Gamesta feature you have is "VIP Gamesta". So, Can you tell us more about this "VIPGamesta"? What are the various benefits that users will get if they become "VIP Gamesta"? And what are the requirements and how to join to become a “VIPGamesta”?


Ans: Ah yes, you are referring to the GAMEX cards. here a brief description:

Alongside ownership and staking of $GSG, VIPs will be able to purchase limited edition NFT, which will entitle them to a range of benefits, including but not limited to:

Tenfold Increased voting weight in The DAO

Access to ‘inside information’ on upcoming sales and events procured by our team of researchers and network of partnerships

Access to beta test games

Access to Gamesta VIP Real World Events

Access to early stage private round allocations through our network of launchpads and IDO platforms

Early access to our Gamesta Metaverse Gallery


2nd: I can't find enough information for tokenomics on the website. Can you provide more details? What percentage of bets have you made? Will your platform go the coin burning route?


Ans: Check ou the whitepaper for complete details


3rd: Your Project has a plan to educate the community, thereby raising awareness, applying and helping more people understand you easily?


Ans: Yes thats correct, we will set up an academy. Led by some of the best players in the world, our unique gaming academy will enable us to incubate and train players to maximise their potential and yield when using our assets.


4th: Where can I buy your tokens now, what are your current contracts and how can I buy them and what are the benefits?


Ans: Great question and now I can share the tweet I wanted to earlier which explains how anyone can buy tokens through the Token Launch Auction from 16-19th December


5th: Can you briefly describe your PARTNERSHIP so far and upcoming partnerships?


Ans: We have been extremely blessed with a fantastic level of support to date, closing the private round at over $6million and with the Token Launch Auction coming in the next couple of weeks we will be in a position to get to work on the AI development, further NFT acquisition and community development.

Of course at our core we are a guild so we will be partnering up with multiple games but we will also be offering incubation for new projects, check out for an exciting new project in the exhibition industry.


Ans: so Spencer, 4 Questions has already selected by you ✅ Is there anything else that you want to share with community ?


Guest: I think i'll finish on this one as the beauty of the Token Launch Auction means anyone can invest with GAMESTA. Here is a final link that explains the entire process.

Thanks so much for having me Bit India. Its been a pleasure and we cant wait to see you all on 16th for the launch. Who knows, maybe one of this community will win the Tesla! Have a wonderful day wherever you are and its good night from us here in Bali. Thanks @ABH1Cryptoz and @VinayKumarAndani for being great hosts.


Host: Let me thank you too @spencertarring 😃 for joining our chat group today and sharing insights on the project 😎Thanks for this constructive session. This will help our community to learn more about your project .Best wishes to you & your project . A great future lies ahead. Hope to see you again . Thanks again 🙂🙂


🙏🏻Thank you so much guys for your participation ~ We'll unmute the chat in next few minutes, 🚀



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