Yesterday and Today

By Alther | Alther | 30 Mar 2022

In living our lives, we certainly have dreams for a better life. Then from which point of view is a matter of time, we will feel the achievement of our dreams?

Yesterday, the days when we tried, to do something for tomorrow. Is tomorrow limited to just one tomorrow, or who knows when the meaning of tomorrow will come?

Today, which is a day where we live at the same time as what we feel we experience, we try. Of course there will be many presents in the phase where we live that time. Does the dream come when we are living it at this time, or has it not been answered, or has it added to a new problem?

That's how time really is. Such a mirage can not be known and felt only seen for a moment and sometimes cause unconsciousness of what is happening. Dreams can't be bought so easily. Dreams are also present at unexpected times. Whether we realize it or not, dreams are always answered in every phase we pass. But sometimes we feel that is not the answer because it is not in accordance with what we dream of.

For better or for worse, no one really knows what happened. It is known when all are undergoing and approaching. For the word dream, every human being wants the best according to his dream. And generally is the feeling of happiness that you want to feel. Seen faintly and disguised by the existence of the glittering world and the darkness that hit. Dreams are fulfilled, or not fulfilled, no one knows the true nature unless we are aware of it. If you don't have awareness, then it's clear that you have never felt your dream come true or come true. If we examine dreams, they are actually the same as prayer, the same as asking us to the Almighty. But sometimes we ourselves do not believe that our request will be granted so it becomes unanswered. Not granted but not aware of the greatness of the Creator's ability.


Image by Angela C from Pixabay 

On the other hand, there is an awareness of the existence of knowing oneself, wanting to realize who one is, and traveling about one's own abilities. Although it is awareness and goodness of self-awareness, if you think about it, it is the same as not believing in your own abilities and the abilities of the Creator. Nothing is impossible for the Creator to do everything in this created universe. What is impossible is that consciousness will realize at all times that we are created beings, not created.

Complaining is a natural thing that is presented as a consciousness of us humans as creatures to realize that we are weak creatures, not just to lament without wanting to understand and realize how fragile, despicable, and powerless we are about our true existence. What makes us happy is the Creator for the effort that wants to be happy, not our own desires. The Creator knows more about everything, which ones really need which ones don't. What is good and what is not. What is appropriate and what is not. And it's not a choice whether the word fair or unfair exists. Because justice really belongs to the Creator.

Don't hesitate to dream according to what we want, but don't forget to be aware of every time that has been lived so as not to arise the meaning of not being answered. Pray and try as creatures, because we are indeed created as creatures who were created to ask for clarity about the existence of who really is Almighty and omnipotent over everything on this earth. The word successful, granted, or anything related to anything is not 100% pure and is the result of all your own hard work.

If you want it to come true, believe it, if not then don't complain or blame. Never doubt the greatness of the Almighty.


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