Who else?

By Alther | Alther | 11 Mar 2022

Humans, like any other human being, educated or not, will seek truth and curiosity in every response to future challenges. The search for identity as a human is one of the answers to respond to truth and curiosity. Teak or what we generally call the role is the basic thing to know who we are, why we are here, what are our goals, etc. These questions will not be possible to come out in our mind if we are thinkers, it is a selfish person, who is not sensitive to the surrounding situation.


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We may have answered our role here, responding to truth and curiosity. But we know that everyone has the right to answer according to his own mind. I don't know what the answers to all those questions are, especially with so many discrepancies going on. However, with this difference, let us like humans continue to think critically, about what we really have to do. Maintaining values, all changes, and maybe for the future, whether to meet all these challenges. Perhaps the three roles mentioned are completed because we try to be sensitive to the actual situation happening around us. For example, keeping values, we can say that humans have more intellectual or civilized because they have the opportunity, surely know what is scientifically true with those who do not. Each of us must have a responsibility. The responsibility for this answer is to imagine if humans who have responsibilities, remove their responsibilities, the true values ​​that exist in society will be lost. civilized and ethical society will disappear.


Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

Like us like all change. In fact, we know that the progress and revival of the nation are due to change. Change for the better. But this change will never happen if we never learn from what we do. In other words, we can move forward, if we never learn from the misunderstanding. The above statement questions our attitude toward humans. Someone who is always learning, seeking, and trying always. Learning is a human obligation, but we also have a responsibility. This is in learning, mistakes are valuable lessons. We are not wrong, it is called a lesson if we do not do it in the future, even we have to, these mistakes we must be better than before.

However, what does that have to do with responsibility? If it decreases, if the people around us do not know the changes for the better in their days, what do we learn? This question questions our responsibility.


Image by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay 

What we always imagine when we have the opportunity to be human, another meaning without realizing how much we decided on his hopes, to get rid of his ideals, even from his sweet dreams. Granted, we don't know who they are, but that's what happened. How fast are we going, what price do we have to pay for this? A responsible price.


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We are now asking people that community service is needed to answer all the challenges or to be something that people have to do according to their role.

Whatever is answered later, when humans answer their own needs or obligations, the society around us really looks forward to us. While the questions are also changing, then who else?



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