When without resources

By Alther | Alther | 4 Aug 2022

What would the world be like without resources? Of course, there will be many things that will be difficult to do and find solutions for adjustments when world conditions have run out of resources.


Image by David ROUMANET from Pixabay 

Indeed there are so many resources and many choices. Moreover, based on the development of the era that is increasingly innovating and finding new resources for the needs of human life. There are so many and because there are so many, the competition that is so fierce and can be said to be sadistic may have occurred.

Resources are obtained from various natural resources that exist, from natural resources that exist on earth, and also from natural resources that exist outside the earth.


Image by John R Perry from Pixabay 

For now, maybe the sun is the only human resource that comes from outside the earth with millions of benefits for mankind. Meanwhile, the wealth that comes from the earth itself has been exploited and is on the verge of extinction. The condition of the oil, natural gas, and others, is the largest contributor to the existence of the earth's resources.

Judging from the various kinds of conflicts that exist, the earth's resources are one of the factors that make the world's conditions compete with each other and also want to dominate each other. Because we know that the results obtained from controlling the existence of earth's resources really affect a country that controls these resources. It can be said that if it can effectively become a great country that is feared, respected, and also respected. Due to the condition of the need for these resources.

Then beyond the complicated issue of mastery and other things, it has arisen in the context of questions that have been present in our society for so long. What if these resources run out, what will happen to the condition of the world and human life?

We can see many things that can be affected by it, especially considering the increasingly advanced conditions of the current era where resources are very much needed in all existing sectors.

When without resources, are humans able to live in these conditions? Are humans able to solve the problem of scarcity and create or find alternatives to the resources that have been used so far?

Maybe it is still far from being able to run out of resources, but this is a problem that must be seen and thought about early on. And indeed some have done a lot of that, which is looking for new alternatives in terms of resources for human needs. What can be imagined is how difficult it will be for humans to adapt when conditions without resources occur. Adjustments and patterns of human life would certainly be very different if all that happened.



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