Threatening danger

By Alther | Alther | 4 Feb 2022

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has really hit humanity in the 20th century. How not, this virus has made a lot of big changes in human life today. A bitter story again that entered the dark record of human history due to disease. Not only at the country level, or at the continent level, but Covid-19 has made the world level fall due to this virus.


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Until now, Covid-19 is still a scourge for the world. Even though it has been handled and attempted in a thousand ways, Covid-19 still presents a variety of existing variants. The Covid-19 period is not over yet so we can say we are free from disease problems. Recently the World Health Organization, WHO said the problem would be worse than Covid-19. New problems that are more dangerous and feared will create more diseases. That is the waste problem as a result of the prevention of Covid-19. Such as syringes, used test equipment, and vaccines which are said to be waste due to the presence of Covid-19.


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Again, the world is faced with the problem of the existence of waste. And this waste is the result of disease waste, so it can create a disease that is more sinister than the existence of waste that has been created by humans.

We have been faced with the problem of global warming for so long and this has become a serious problem that must be addressed immediately, speaking of other things, the problem of air pollution is not a new thing for us at this time, and now it is added by a new problem of the problem of waste that has tons of waste. -ton created before. The accumulation of waste from Covid-19 waste has become a new problem from a deadly disease and is also a new contribution to waste today. Covid-19 waste is also said to have an impact on pollution and can cause burns, needle-stick wounds, and various other diseases.


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Waste is generated by humans, and the use of one of the worst is the problem of plastic waste. So efforts are being made to use plastic in every existing solution for every problem that uses plastic as the raw material.

There is no news yet for the problem where the presence of the accumulation of waste from Covid-19 is specifically at the point of greatest concern. But at least it becomes a new signal of new problems that must be faced for humankind. Our existence is still not able to return to its calm like before the Covid-19 attack. However, all of them provide lessons on the importance of paying attention to the environment. From the existence of everything, is not so advanced technology created, but not worth all the destruction and terrible what will happen to the world if all these problems are ignored just to fulfill the word progress.


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