The importance of reading - Instructions

By Alther | Alther | 4 Sep 2022

In my beloved country Indonesia, from an early age, we were introduced to the phrase "Reading is like opening a window to the world". What that means is how important reading culture is to open up existing knowledge. In addition, it can also get used to the habit of reading so that it is instilled from childhood.


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In essence, reading is very broad, the benefits and literal meanings are obtained from the word reading. So cultivating reading is very appropriate when juxtaposed with opening a window to the world. Where everything that exists in this world can be studied, known, perceptibly, and understood with basic knowledge, that is, reading.

The other side of the meaning of reading which we usually interpret as usual also actually explains the purpose of the meaning of reading itself. Reading which means reading properly and correctly is not just a glance, let alone just daring to draw conclusions from just reading the title or a summary. Not to mention not looking for the truth and purpose of what is read.


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The reality is not one or two, but there are so many people who do this kind of thing in this instant era. Like interpreting something without the need to see and know what and how reading was made. About what, what purpose, discussing what, what kind, and so on. Cultivate a culture of comments without understanding what is actually being commented on. That is the reality that exists today and in this era of existence. Sometimes it is true what the writers of literary formations say. The one who can accurately understand a literary work is the writer of the literature. It is different from writing standard things or an arrangement of other forms of writing.

Back to the meaning of the purpose of reading is like opening a window to the world, apart from my insinuations towards people who like to comment without understanding, let alone reading what the author actually wrote. Reading which looks like an ordinary job or even is said to be a nerd is a gift for the meaning of human ignorance to understand and be able to understand.


An important value in the meaning of reading. As it is said in religion I believe in the importance of the meaning of "reading". Where in accordance with the command of Allah revealed first to the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. "Read by (mentioning) the name of your Lord Who created," Surah Al-'Alaq the first verse.

How important and can also be interpreted as the obligation to learn to seek knowledge from mankind. Where Islam tries to erase ignorance to elevate the degree of mankind itself. Small and may be considered trivial, but large and contains many meanings and benefits, that is the priority for people who want to learn properly and correctly without feeling lazy, let alone just doing useless things.

So just "Read" it, doesn't lose you does it?


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