The first day in 2022

By Alther | Alther | 1 Jan 2022

How is the New Year's Eve celebration at your place? Full of joy, or as usual? Surely many sweet things have been passed. And it is undeniable that there are also those who go through it with pain.

One thing is for sure the time remains the same will never stop. The new year just marks the change of year like an ordinary day turns today. Maybe what becomes crowded and beautiful to celebrate is because the time limit is so long passed. After 360 days have passed, that's means 1 year has passed.

My New Year's Eve is not so much a story that goes through. Because after being tired all day with the children enjoying the final day of 2021, when we came home we waited for the shift at night, we even lay helplessly exhausted and fell asleep. So it means not seeing and feeling the time when the shift of time passed early this morning.

Now when the morning welcomes the first day of 2022, we are still weak and helpless. Just doing small activities such as breakfast, then lying back down while watching a new movie that we haven't seen.

Ordinary at the end that can be done. Even though yesterday, I had prepared several things to celebrate New Year's Eve at night. It turned out that the plan was just a plan, even though I was exhausted when I got home. Plus the atmosphere of a rainy night added to our slumber when we fell asleep helplessly.

How about all of you who have passed New Year's Eve? Is there an interesting story, is there an impression and message created? Hopefully, you will go through it with joy and happiness with your family, friends, colleagues, and others. As the title of my post yesterday, the important thing is fun. The point is that happiness is created for all of you. And hopefully this year everything will be better than the previous year.

Today, Saturday, January 1, 2022, at 10:30. And this is my first post this year. As the opening of the beginning of the year and hopefully bring many better and useful writings in the future. Hopefully, the better my articulation and use of English is really bad. Hopefully, it will give you a better income in the future.

Welcoming the first day of 2022. So many hopes and dreams are opening up. So many things that must be faced later. Enjoy a beautiful holiday today. Warm greetings and we miss you always here in our beloved Indonesia.

The first day, the first writing, the first I share, the first day I post and re-post, the first greeting, and the first new hope has been created.


Lead Image by Here and now, unfortunately, ends my journey on Pixabay from Pixabay 

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