The economy is not a game

By Alther | Alther | 22 Jun 2022

My eyes are fixed and I can't stop thinking when I see this tweet,


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then made me question the existence of this.


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Which in the end provoked me to write something like this.

Maybe I am not a good human being said to be a creature, then I also know for sure that I am not a good Muslim if it is said to be a follower of the Islamic religion, even if asked whether I am a good citizen, I will certainly be included in the group of citizens who not good as citizens, even if I ask if I am a true crypto user it doesn't feel like it, the narrower the peer to peer choice that I choose means that I enter as a good person in the community it feels like it's still a long way from being at that level, then getting smaller in space In the family sphere as a household leader, am I a good household leader in my opinion again, the answer is also not a good household leader.

If you look at all the things that are essentially my own personal question, it turns out that the question is only a matter of good and bad, right and wrong. Not winning or losing, like the language of a game that seeks to find out who is the winner.

It is clear and real that what is said to be life is not a game, so if someone thinks it is only a game, it means that something is wrong in his life, meaning the word life. And if it doesn't work out because I'm a reasonable person who was given reason to think logically first, why should I follow an unreasonable person who in the end will only lead to a proclamation that is immoral and responsible.


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If I look at the writing itself, clearly shows how not good I am, and what is certain is that if it is questioned, it is not because of the writing but the content it contains. Likewise, it is related to the beginning paragraph that I have a problem with, not because of the writing or because of the bitcoin but because the purpose of using the word is not inappropriate to use if I think rationalist, and educative. No, this is not a game or a race that requires a judge to say who wins. But which one is better than what is not. Moreover, it concerns financial issues and ultimately affects the system whose scope is economic.

The economy is not a game, if it is played with it is clearly the basic reason why game problems that take place in the economic system become a problem. Such as monopoly in the economy, money laundering, corruption, banking and so on which are personal gain above other advantages. What is good is the economic system that has been designed can have a bad impact in reality, how can clearly only say or pursue a word of victory.

Winning or losing will have an impact on the change in the end because there will be a time for it, but if it is true or false it will have a binding truth because it will answer the mistakes that exist.

So the goal is clear to our goals and objectives at the beginning, then it will expand to others. Which in the end will provide lessons about what is good and what is not, what is consumed in what is right and what is wrong. Thus creating a space or corridor for the choices made for the purpose of the word peace and mutual agreement. Wouldn't it be if you agreed that peace would be easier to achieve and if you felt peace it would feel more peaceful and calm?

In closing, maybe I just want to show and share an article written by Revi Hayati, a Master of Islamic Economics at the Islamic University of Indonesia. Kebijakan Ekonomi Islam Umar bin Khattab dalam menghadapi Krisis (Omar bin Khattab's Islamic Economic Policy in the Face of Crisis).



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