Spartan or Luxurious

By Alther | Alther | 7 Feb 2022

When we feel tired, feel bored, feel we need a place to rest quietly and comfortably. Missing being with the people we love the most, the people we think to understand the most. Our home is our place where we will definitely go. Don't care about the existence of a luxurious house, don't care about the condition of a slum house. Our own home is where we will feel the freedom and serenity of all that has been felt.

Whether it's from a place to work, vacation, play, stay in touch, or do other activities outside the home itself, the end goal will definitely return to our own homes. Although only a simple house but adequate, adequate for everything we need. Not an existence that should be completely adequate.

Home sweet home everyone has this feeling, longing for home, longing for the existence of one's own country, longing for the environment that is commonly encountered, longing for one's own home. No matter how far we go this will always happen, that feeling will always arise. If there are words of hatred, surely one day there will still be felt to return. For home problems, it doesn't matter even if it's just a simple house. To others, it may look bad or too luxurious. We don't care about the existence of what other people say, because to get a sense of rest in peace and comfort only in our own homes will get that comfort. Spartan or luxurious is only a matter of form, but sometimes the spartan can be said to be more beautiful and happy.

Indeed, every human being certainly wants to feel luxury, not denying the word luxury, I also hope to realize that dream. However, what kind of luxury is, of course, every formation of the existence of this luxury is different. Not all luxury has to wallow inexpensive values, right? Because sometimes something is a luxury for us personally, it is not necessarily considered a luxury for others.

I slipped a little linkage with crypto, maybe as an example for the word luxury for bitcoin cashers will feel the luxury to have BitcoinCash in their investment. But not necessarily for other communities, just look at the maximalist / bitcoiners view on this. They consider Bitcoin their luxury coin. Just as an example, not starting a debate. 😋✌🙏

For me, the word luxury is something that I didn't have before, no matter how cheap or expensive it was, but it has a clear and true usability factor. Not just for display, or for sheer vanity. (p2p)

Back to the word home, we also feel the same when we are in a community that really fits with the feeling of comfort and support we get. A community that understands, accepts what it is, and wants to help the existence of others. So that you get a feeling that is also the same as returning to your own home. It is not easy to get that feeling, let alone growing up outside of people who did not know us before, but they are willing to accept us for who we are and continue to welcome and provide the support that makes our lives more meaningful.



Image by Pexels from Pixabay


The simplicity of the word togetherness is something that is difficult to achieve in times like this. Where the tendency to dissent, prejudice, intimidate each other and other bad things have been common and done. But if it is obtained from the existence of such conditions, it feels not just a community but can be said to be a place to take shelter like a house that will provide warmth for all of us who are in it.

"Spartan is not only about toughness, but also about the simplicity of thinking for the common good."

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