By Alther | Alther | 24 Jun 2022

The impact of a journey is to arrive at the destination. Where it starts will return to the intended point. If it is a round trip, it means that the goal is to return to the point where the journey began. Some use navigation and some don't.

Leaning or looking at the form of a trip that is tailored to its destination means that there will be changes, whether it's a round trip or a one-way trip. However, the essence of the form is not the same due to changes even though the goal is to return to the origin. Monotonous or uncertain is just a way and belief taken from the conditions that come to pass. Meanwhile, the experience felt will be obtained from the vehicle it uses. Full of ups and downs, joy, bitterness, and tragedy will be obtained during this journey.


 Image by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay 

Regarding the path that is traversed, it is different, there are those who go through smooth roads that do not meet steep winding roads, and there are also those who are tossed around while traversing the vast ocean or breaking through the speed of the sky through the air without any obstacles blocking it. But it is certain that the tragedy, no matter which way you go, will surely happen and come because talking about destiny cannot be avoided.

Each route must have a stop period that acts as a temporary resting place, whether it's a rest area or a transit area to refuel and give the traveler a moment to rest while taking a breath, restoring their condition to be better, even if only temporarily before reaching their destination, which is aimed.

It's not about surviving or not surviving, it's a journey. Where one journey will be filled with various travelers with different goals. There will be a stop when the different destinations have arrived at their destination before arriving at the final destination which is the endpoint of the actual stop.


 Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay 

Why are travelers not simply called passengers?

Maybe because those who ride will be in various vehicles, not just taking public transportation, but also taking private vehicles. And it's better to say that they are travelers because they don't just ride public transportation because they use cost, they don't really ride like a parasite that only fills the place of their ride.

It's just a destination of a journey. Smooth or full of obstacles depending on each journey taken. And the results of course will be different from each trip that is felt to a destination that returns. There may be those who are stranded, but those who reach their destination will certainly be more if the journey is completed. Those who have an attitude of warning on their journey will certainly be more prepared and careful than those who do not heed the warnings, especially those who just go through the journey without a destination.


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