Nothing is easy

By Alther | Alther | 14 Mar 2022

Agree or not, everyone will say they agree to be successful, to be successful, or to achieve a dream, it is not an easy step. All of that is common and is often thoroughly peeled off by everyone. But in reality, there are still many who hope to dream easily achieve dreams in an easy way.

Luck (in economic terms) is not a fact of easy things, if we examine it, it can actually be said that something that was previously delayed should be obtained. Actually, everything is obtained because of the effort that is unconsciously or consciously a person's previous efforts.


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The word success is indeed everyone's dream, the word failure is something that every human being is very afraid of. And of course, it tends to be related to the word try. New, old, or not something that can be used as a benchmark to be a reference for success in running as desired. These are all related to the form of steps in the process to success.

However, there are some points that can be taken from all the things that are done in the process to success, namely, learning, being patient, don't give up easily, and seeing opportunities.

One last thing that is often overlooked is the process of spotting opportunities. Sometimes opportunities can come anytime and anywhere without compromise. Which is basically the basis for someone's luck in trying to achieve success. Turning points in the opportunity process is indeed very difficult and may rarely occur, but on the other hand, opportunities are enormous and many are waiting to be taken by everyone. Dare to be good and right is the basis for making decisions in every opportunity that exists.

So the final conclusion is actually that in this paper I only want to remind us of the existence of the process, and hopefully, it will give awareness to the condition of being willing to accept that there is nothing instant to be successful in living the process of life. Of course, this is related to the ultimate goal of the economic system of each party who wants a better economic system.

As another thing is, reminding us not always what you see is better than what you say is good. Sometimes the journey and responsibilities that are borne are not necessarily you, me, or other people who are able to carry the burden of people who are seen to have achieved success. All of that has consequences and adjustments according to each party.

Sometimes we want to get used to getting out of the habits we used to do, and that's not the same as a change for the good but a change that forces the will. And one of the common things that are accepted and will be normal for everyone is the fact that to be able to do well towards the good of success is through steps that can not be easy. So nothing is easy is actually a common thing, is not it?


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