Nobel Prize for mothers

By Alther | Alther | 20 Feb 2022

Mother is the most important person who has shaped and raised me over the years. With love and all his strength to give the best for his beloved child. Not just mere talk, but with evidence that is completely beyond the reach of ordinary people's thinking she has done until the end of her life.



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So when it comes to the Nobel Prize, maybe I'll give it to my beloved mother. Because in my opinion, she is the one who deserves the award, although for others it may have a different meaning for the existence of the word Nobel, for me and in my life my mother deserves the existence of the Nobel prize.


If there are still questions for others, actually there are many things that we already know about what mothers mean in their struggle for their children. From the time of risking her life when giving birth, being patient and compassionate in educating her children, to the smallest things she never complained about in the life of a mother. And the usual thing that we meet is not that a child is mostly close to a mother.

They are willing to sacrifice beyond the limits of their existence as women. Their weakness if they have had a mother is like vanishing, there will no longer be a weak word for women who already bear the title of a mother. Another thing, sometimes also beyond the limits of our thinking, is that they are able to sacrifice with all their efforts without thinking about the consequences they feel. Those are the advantages and things we often encounter in the figure of a mother.

For me, being a mother is very meaningful and has contributed to the journey of my life. Not a few memories about the memories of she's struggle in raising and providing the best for me. Sometimes no matter what people say, my mother will do her best to see her child happy. Right or wrong is sometimes difficult for them to understand when it comes to defending their children. Being spoiled is commonplace for my mother to her children. And if only it was possible what his son wanted if he could he would fulfill it. Until the end of his life, she's main concern was protecting the existence of her children.

The Nobel Prize is generally given to people who excel and contribute to the world. And mother is the right person to be given this award, not only for achieving but for making sacrifices and really contributing to the world. Aren't scientists, inventors, leaders, and other great people born from the womb of a mother?

Mother has given birth to many great people and contributed to the world. By risking their lives selflessly, they never complain about their existence during pregnancy and during childbirth. Even when the child she is carrying is an adult, she still tries to give the best for her child by praying and seeing as a little child. That is the essence of a true mother, never calculates the reward for themselves, but only thinks what is best for her children.


There is no word tired in the dictionary of a mother if in my view all this time. How strong they are beyond their nature as a woman to overcome the nature of men. Although weak is a common thing they get, speaking of the strength of the word weak, it can defeat all existing strengths. The main thing he thought about was his children so that it could be said that mothers put their children's existence before their own existence. That is the strength and greatness of a mother.

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