By Alther | Alther | 19 Apr 2022

Is it about the roar of a falling waterfall, or about the friction of branches that are related to being blown by the wind? The endless chirping of birds, the rhythm that keeps on repeating, and the sounds of other animals that are only around. That's the typical sound when it meets a mountain. And it feels like I haven't been to the mountains in so long. Enjoying the wind, trees, and freshwater that has always been so fresh, the taste has not changed.


Image by Jörg Peter from Pixabay 


Mountain is a simple but exotic place. Cheap place but so priceless when we miss it. Maybe we will say bored with mountains or will say just mountains. Even though there are so many things that we will not get anywhere else and can only be found in the mountains. There we can see the enthusiasm of the natives who are farming or gardening, typical stalls on the edge of the hill, or maybe small children who are very happy to play in the field on a stretch of grass and weeds. If we are not a little sensitive, we will never enjoy such a simple sight.

Not long after the rain started to fall, they seemed to be playing with nature to accompany the atmosphere of the day. The cool air that surrounds you is perfect. Sitting in a hut, looking at all kinds of scenery. All of these are beautiful moments that are common and can be done. Mountains in the morning with friends with fog really become a magic power that can only be found in mountainous areas, or at night with a thick dark atmosphere accompanied by lamps creating a different atmosphere from the night atmosphere in other places.


Image by Volker Glätsch from Pixabay 


The sound of nature, the chirping of birds, the hills, the blowing of the wind, the fields of grass, and the rush of the river that makes them beautiful are actually things that are invisible. If you're at the top, chasing sunset or sunrise, it's so beautiful to look at directly by the eyes, but what makes it beautiful isn't something that can be looked at directly by the eye, right? There's always something. Something mysterious but very meaningful. That's what has to be found. Beauty is not what you hear or see. Beauty is what you feel. Deep to the heart.

Just missing the mountain atmosphere, with a mattress on a mat and lie on it like being there. A beautiful time to remember. Lately, it seems to be missing the past a lot. Of course, the old things can not plunge into the abyss or discourage. It turns out that what I imagined and went through was not as bad as what I had anticipated so far.

I don't know if you like the natural feel of the mountains or not. So what do you think about when you are in the mountains?



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