Investment is not Speculation

By Alther | Alther | 1 Apr 2022

Investing means that you have to be prepared for any eventuality that may occur. If you say to be prepared for what might happen, it means not just speculating, but being ready in all respects, both understanding and being able to accept everything that will happen in the future. Investment is not a one-way business, not a follow-up, not guesswork. Understanding alone is not enough, having capital is also not a strong foundation, and having mental courage is also not a necessary requirement. Everything is interrelated because if we want to invest, it means that we have to have everything mature. You can't just try and try, let alone practice luck.


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When it comes to investing for today, of course, it's a normal thing for everyone to do what investing is. Especially with the existence of cryptocurrencies that are increasingly widespread and make it easier for someone to invest. Very different from the era before crypto developed, maybe investments can only be made by certain people. Because investment is only in the form of things that really require large capital costs.

Although now we can feel and participate in doing what it is to invest at a small cost with the presence of crypto, it still takes sufficient knowledge to be successful in investing. So it's not just following trends or playing games. Remember even though the capital is small, it is also the name of the capital. Profit and loss are familiar, so don't just feel the loss. It can be said that it is the same as lying, and even becomes unfamiliar if you have to lose continuously. Especially with big capital.


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Indeed, the word investment is actually very familiar to our ears since we were young. Where education, as well as everything that is learning and knowing, is an investment process in the field of education that we are studying. But when that time comes, investment changes to the point where the word asset is introduced to us. And knowledge is the main asset as the basis that we get to invest. With knowledge, it gives us to be more careful in choosing an asset that we want to choose as our investment. Coupled with the rampant fraud that has occurred recently with the presence of crypto. Even those who are careful can be fooled, let alone those who are not.

Another thing that is an important basis for investing is seeing which ones can actually be trusted and which ones are not. Following the news, seminars, or anything related, of course, is very necessary for taking steps to invest. Don't get carried away easily, believe in what you believe based on well-thought-out maturity.


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