Hey you

By Alther | Alther | 27 Mar 2022

"Hey you, two men and one woman who have grown up with me."

"Hey you, two men and one woman who have given me a smile every day"

"Hey you, two men and one woman who have given color to my life."

"Hey you, two men and one woman who wants to understand the threshold of understanding other children at your age."

Thank you ...


Image by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay 


How are you my little angel who used to cry bitterly if your wish doesn't come true? Now with the passing of the time that you have gone through, tired and all the restlessness that I used to feel is fading with the accompaniment of time.

Your sadness can never be described in words. But as time went on it became clearer how much was left unsaid. You want to succumb to someone who is getting older. You want to understand with someone who often forgets promises. You want to demand what you want as long as you are with someone you always love.

Your happiness is so simple, you don't want to be separated even if it's only for a moment. Not wanting to be replaced, even if it's between the three of you alone. Your happiness never disappoints me, because it's so easy for me to accept. So simply because of your understanding and love for the word happiness.

Sad and happy you are always the same for me, it makes me feel the pain of not being able to give the best for you. Just try and try even though I don't know when it will happen. Otherwise, I hope your life will remember how many experiences you had with me became a guide in your own life later. My shame is covered by the presence of you who are always faithful to accompany me. I'm not just sorry for not being able to give the best, but sorry with millions of apologies if I've ever hurt the hearts of those of you who still love me to this day.

My stubbornness grows with your existence who always provides support in different ways that other people who don't know can never imagine.

In the space and time that we have been through until now, I am grateful to accompany you in my prayers for your presence by my side at all times. Dad's words are so meaningful to my ears when you call me. The chattering all the time that doesn't stop giving rhythmic chirping sounds like a chant containing questions, doubts, joy, laughter that I sometimes ignore.

Yes, this article is about the three of you for the world to know that in one part of the world there are three children who love and respect me so much. Touching or being overly romantic, I don't care, because the most important thing for me is just to share my happy feelings together and have you all this time.

When you grow up, grow up like a real adult. When you are married, always create happiness in your household like the times we have been through. If you separate later, don't forget the togetherness that you have been through. If you are getting old remember the good memories with us first. And if I'm dying, tell all the times we've been through without having to sort out which is the best that deserves to be told.



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