Crazy times edition. Metaverse vs Neuralink

By Alther | Alther | 3 Jan 2022

Hearing, and readings the two new technologies are which is often discussed lately. Each technology brings to the virtualization era which is developing and is highly expected to exist in the future. The similarity is in the need for a device that can support the existence of this technology.

Talking about Metaverse as we know, the use of metaverse does require glasses that are attached to the human head to present the existence of virtualization that can be seen by the eye. Meanwhile, Neuralink, which is promoted by the number one rich person, currently carries chip technology that is implanted in the human head, precisely in the human brain later. Although this is still under development according to sources reported recently in the media it is said to have been tested on monkeys and it gave the expected results.

Each side gave each other a statement about the problem of the better product they were carrying. And it is customary to criticize each other for the problem of lack or inefficiency of the technology being carried.

What is interesting for me personally about how the existence of technology is so close to what is depicted in world cinema which used to be just a fictional story. Logically, maybe in the past for me, it was really madness that happened later. And in the end, I saw, heard, and also followed the existence of these developments into reality.


Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

Indeed, there are many problems with films about science fiction that have been made to date. The existence of the past turned out to be a basis that can be described as to what existence will be carried in the future.

The era of robotics has indeed begun and has become a real dominant in the end. Returning to the existence of science fiction films in the past about the existence of a world that will be dominated by robots is also evidence of the problems that will be faced by us humans.

The human race is on the verge of not being left behind, cannot be asleep, and also must not be defeated by the progress of time. Where the competition for the necessities of life, as well as other things that form the basis of mankind to compete with the robots that will exist later. Not talking about the meaning that the end of the human population is getting closer and closer. But are humans actually ready to face what will happen in the future?

Seeing the human side as the highest level in a series of living ecosystems. Does it all deserve to be used as a matter of not thinking about the existence of other humans or can be said to be left behind or have bad luck in life? Talking about the future, is it only a matter of virtualization that is actually the hope of mankind in the future? Aren't there many other things that are actually used as thoughts on what mankind actually needs for mankind in the future?

Do not deny the existence of the progress of the era of the existence of technology. But we also have to be aware and remember that our existence is actually, the existence of human nature as a whole. Do not let technology that is positive in nature become destructive in the end just because of the madness of one party for developments that do not provide so good benefits for mankind.

Honestly, personally, I'm even more afraid to face the progress of the times. Because the readiness that exists for mankind is still very far from being embedded in the real life of its current existence.


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