Contrast of Facts

By Alther | Alther | 28 Apr 2022

There are many things in this world that actually happen, but it is clear that all the facts that have happened have been reversed. If we count the number of incidents, it is very large and can be said to have violated all provisions based on the principles of civilized humanity and have ravaged Human Rights.



Image by Myriams-Fotos from Pixabay 

This does not occur at the limit of one species, but the various structural forms of the variety that exist. In terms of economy, religion, politics, culture, and also other things that actually intersect with the system of human life in the world today.

The media as the basis for delivering news is one of the most up-to-date weapons as a form of shaping the image of lies into truth and truth into error.

Who is in charge? Who started? Who taught this foundation? Who still does this kind of thing? No one can answer this one problem, the reflection only goes back to each creature to want to realize which one is good and which one actually has to be conveyed. Realizing, not looking for blame or blaming an individual who must be responsible. Because blaming is easier than justifying a subject that is distorted by the existence of facts.

Not liking is not necessarily cursing what we don't like. Disagreeing does not have to corner those who have different views. Not knowing doesn't mean it's stupid to say you don't understand. Everything should be based on knowledge, faith, patience, humanity, and also awareness.

Greed, fear, and power. Want to be rich by all means, want to feel safe and comfortable by justifying any means, and wants to be in power so that he can do as he pleases. But is it true that if all has been achieved will get everything he wants? Will it really stay out of trouble? Will it really be worshipped? Is it true to be afraid? Will it really be protected? Will it really be happy? Will it really last forever? What is stepped on is still the same soil as the others which is actually the basic material for which he was created. What is eaten is actually the same as being thrown away. What is owned is the same and can never be taken to death.

Badmouthing one or the other, will it make it clear to everyone that he is the best? Denying or forbidding something that is right, will it be intimidating and enforce that it won't be done? Taking a nonchalant attitude, is it true that there will be no feeling someday? The question that arises in the end from the millions of questions present is, is it wrong to be a civilized human being?


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