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By Alther | Alther | 15 Jun 2022

Before that, I will say clearly that this will not involve religious matters because I think it will lead to a lot of long debate when it comes to belief. But this will only concern the word "success" for ourselves.

Crypto collapse, crashing hard with various factors that exist. From all kinds of issues A to Z explain from various media why it has come to the current state. Then look at the belief problem of various types of people who want to achieve success by being involved in the crypto world. Whether it's looking for rewards, airdrops, writing, playing a game, watching, or anything else that basically earns from crypto.

How can it be said to be successful, if conditions like this one are affected by excessive "fear" even though it is just looking for not using a lot of money as capital like investors who invest their capital? Or like traders who seek to profit from the ups and downs of market prices.


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If it can be said roughly, perhaps what is created from the exact word is only the word "lazy" and wants the "easy" way. If you are in a circle of difficulty and defeat, then retreat by a thousand steps.

Sorry, this is not advice, but if you use logic, it seems that it will be difficult to achieve the word "success" if you think and act like this. What exists will only be left behind when other people in time will achieve success from the steps they believe will bear sweet fruit in time.


Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay 

Phenomena like this do not happen once or twice but are repeatedly seen. So many people's "success" stems from the word failure or difficulty. What is taken is effort and action not to give up and accept the conditions that occur. Fear is natural, who does not want to be successful. But if the reason is only because of wanting to achieve it, then it seems like it's the same as a dream in broad daylight. Believe that life's problems will always be there, and how to deal with them is the main thing. Learning from history, not just reading or listening to history like a "fairy tale".

Then comes the word "loss". If I may ask again, what is obtained from the word loss that has not been tried in a real and genuine way? Look at how those who experience actual losses keep trying and stick to their beliefs.

Funny isn't it. Back off when trapped, and scream when free. Especially when it comes to everyday life. Sorry, the hungry and the troubled are not people who can use the internet or the real virtual world. The real thing seems to be able to be seen with the eyes and head of who is really the real trouble.



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