Chasing Dreams with NFT

By Alther | Alther | 25 Jan 2022

The non-fungible token is a new thing for everyone chasing the dream word to achieve big profits. But it is not easy and contains luck that can come to anyone. Although the luck factor applies to everyone. Still, our efforts and the existence of who we are can influence the existence of our NFT to be known and appreciated by the wider community.

Speaking of public figures, of course, there is more factor in the word luck for them. Apart from having a better chance than known factors, there is also the presence of fanatical fans who are willing to do things for someone they admire. Then what about us ordinary people who are trying to earn a fortune to be able to feel good luck like them, is it possible?

Of course, that possibility will always exist even if it is small if it is presented or compared to them. However, efforts and factors to explore how to succeed are one way that can be taken so that they can also feel the benefits of the existence of NFT. Because every work must have value, and every work of value is certainly liked and sought after by others.


Image by F. Muhammad from Pixabay 

In the context of NFT, we can simplify that the existence of NFT is to facilitate the existence of various works of art that are created. And the work is increasingly appreciated and not obsolete over time. So that NFT becomes a place in it for art lovers and actors.

To produce a valuable work is certainly not easy because it requires the existence of originality, eccentric factors, interesting, rare, and if possible useful.


Image by Peter H from Pixabay 

Well, that's where it means that we who fall into the category outside the public figure are trying to make something interesting from our work in the NFT world. A work that can be said to be able to attract the interest of many people to want to own and appreciate it. Not just ordinary work, even though it can happen if there is a luck factor that comes to us.

The bottom line is that work that is valued and interesting is something that can produce in today's world of NFT. If possible and really want to explore to succeed, then create a work of art that is different from the others that have never been thought of by others but is interesting and make people amazed when they first see it.

Like antiques that are highly sought after by every collector, NFT will in time become a new hunt for those who have become collectors of NFTs that are scattered and present to date. The best works from well-known artists, artists, famous people, and ordinary people to small children have become proof of the existence of a new space in the real world to get or achieve a fantastic result.

Especially considering the factor of the existence of fans or collectors, of course, most of the people in this area have never looked at the issue of value. Because for them it is the pleasure and pride of the achievement that they get that they prioritize. And for workers and breadwinners, this is a new space that can be followed by anyone since the existence of NFT which is increasingly easy to follow today. It looks crazy if you think about it logically but the reality is the fact that all that happened and has happened in this era. Art in the form of digitalism is increasingly giving a lot of luck to anyone who wants to get involved in it.

Interested to trying? Who knows, someone will like your work and rate it with a pretty fantastic value later. Please try.😉😀😎


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